Royal Albert Canterbury with a bit of Foley Wileman China

This week I stumbled across this lovely trio by Royal Albert. At $2.99, I didn’t think. I just gently hurled it into my cart.   With links to the British Royal family in the early 1900s, and  it’s distinctive cup shapes, country floral motifs and rich colours, to own a piece of Royal Albert is to have a piece of history in your hands. And I had to have it in my hands.

Thrift Store find $2.99

Royal Albert is probably best known for its Old Country Rose pattern by Harold Holdcroft ,  one of the most famous of all its designers. I have a cup and saucer from this pattern for display rather than every day use.

Old Country Roses advert
Royal Albert Old Country Roses

What I didn’t realise until I got home, is that this was a mismatched set ! Imagine my surprise when I looked on the cup and saucer. Its backstamp read Foley China EBCo Made in England. I had been duped. The set had been taped together and I had no reason to believe that they weren’t all Royal Albert as the patterns on cup, saucer and side plate did really seem to match.

Foley China began as far back as the 1872 by the Wileman family at Foley pottery in Fenton Staffordshire England. They family also later on started the Shelley factory to produce fine bone china. It appears there is a complicated history with several ownerships throughout the years including Coalport and Royal Doulton group.

Foley China Works (c) Staffordshire Past Track

So this trio has an interesting provenance. The plate dates from 1935 -1940 based on its backstamp. The cup and saucer from a similar period.

Royal Albert Canterbury backstamp 1935 -1940
1935  Royal Albert backstamp
Foley China EBCo 1930's teacup backstamp
Foley China EBCo 1930’s backstamp

But, alas, do not despair. I really think that Royal Albert Canterbury and Foley work well together.  With it’s lovely avon cup shape and D shaped handle details, this pairing has a more unisex design.  While it does have floral sprays , I think it’s one that can be appreciated by someone who perhaps isn’t so inclined to love florals.

Today is the first day of Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a wonderful time of year. The children are back at school and hopefully settling into their new year. The evenings begin to get more cosy, as the temperatures start to cool. My tea consumption increases dramatically.

Mismatched Trio – Royal Albert Canterbury Foley cup and saucer

So perfect time for this Royal Albert Canterbury plate and EB Foley china teacup and saucer, to join my collection. I grateful to its previous owners for putting such a fantastic pair together.




AUGUST ….Yet another wonderfully busy month. So busy that I forgot to post my favourite teacups.  As I’m sitting here sipping the most delicious cup of Yorkshire Tea… I wonder if I’ve just been having too much fun hunting for new teacups while in London ! Can you blame a girl… ?!

The British Summer weather has been on the up. Lots of sunshine ! (I wish you could see the huge smile on my face ). I have been frequenting my local car boot Sunday sale in Pottersbury. I always find such fun things there. It holds a special place in my heart as it’s where I found most of my teacups for my wedding a few years ago.

So yet another wonderfully busy month. But do not despair, here  are My #teacuptuesday favourites for the month of August 2017.

Do you have a favourite ?

Tea. Always.

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Happy Teacup Tuesday lovelies! I finally got my hands on a new product called @criobru! I heard great things about this cocoa bean brew from Tom Taylor @thosgreentaylor and have been dying to try it out. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I can't buy it around here so I made a note to purchase some Crio Bru in Utah and then I was so busy I forgot, gah! They're running a free shipping promo right now so I figured I'd just order some, not a big deal. Fast forward to the drive back to Iowa. We stopped in Aurora, Nebraska to watch the total solar eclipse. As we were shopping for breakfast items in their tiny grocery store-seriously, it was grocery, craft, and hardware rolled into one haha. I noticed out of the corner of my eye some Crio Bru Kcups in the clearance section. Only problem was I don't have a Kcup machine and I wasn't going to buy one. But then I had a thought, if they were selling Kcups, maybe they also sold packages of it! Walked on over to the coffee section and woohoo- @criobru!!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••• Long story short, picked up two packages of this exciting cocoa bean drink in a random middle of nowhere town Nebraska! Also, this isn't an ad but if @criobru wants to send a couple extra packages to try, I certainly wouldn't be opposed haha! 😁If you like dark chocolate then you'll enjoy @criobru!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a favourite for #TeacupTuesday.

So where have I been and what have I been up to ?

Well, as I write this blog post, I am currently enjoying a nice cup of Chamomile tea in the Roman city of Bath, Somerset in England. It’s my annual trip and I’m so blessed to be able to have a working holiday in one of my favourite cities. Meeting up with friends around the country, while finding new things for the shop.

This trip has been a bit more relaxed and and I’m super excited about an upcoming family break to Germany. Who knows what I will find there. But for now, I bring you this fab image from Thelen Image Gallery – Still life, Food And Nature Photographer, coffee lover, & REP –   that summarises my current situation. Curled up with a magazine, drinking a nice cup of tea. All while enjoying the gentle tapping of rain drops against the window pane. It’s another rainy day, but sometimes you just have to take what comes and embrace it. Rarely do I have time for a magazine, so I’m just going to enjoy it.

I hope you have a wonderful day !



#TeacupTuesday Favourite 9 May, 2017

This week my favourite image just totally incapsulated my mood over the last few days.

It was my mum’s birthday recently, and I still find it hard that she is no longer with us. I received a kind and totally unexpected piece of happy mail from a friend, whom I met through my love of stationery. She sent me a box of tea and chocolates from her home town of Seattle. When it arrived, it quickly changed my mood and I was all smiles.

I’m going to follow Jane Morley’s advice and find a little quiet corner. Tea, definitely soothes my soul.

Sherlock Holmes Hat, Aviator hat with visor and earmuffs, Deer Stalker Hat 7 1/8″, Father’s Day Gift, Movie Prop, Fancy Dress Party by VintageFlicker

One for the Sherlock Holmes Fans!
via Etsy Shop for VintageFlicker

#TeacupTuesday Favourite 1 May, 2017

EMERALD GREEN… that’s what stopped me in my tracks when I was perusing my feed for my #TeacupTuesday favourite this week. This Wileman trio is gorgeous ! There are just too many details. From the stunning fluted detail on each piece to the ornate design, and what appears to be a lady driving tea on the teacup. It’s dainty, it’s cute and the perfect for month of May.

So, my favourite this week is from Yuka over at 📷: @desirable_antiques. By now you may be wondering, where can I find Wileman china. Well… You can find more Wileman beauties on Etsy here.  (You’re welcome).

Happy teacup Tuesday ! I love the bright and vibrant green colour like emerald 💚the birthstone of May Adorable treasure 🇬🇧✨ * わがショップに新しくお迎えしたワイルマンのグリーンカメオです。 わたしにとってもカメオはスペシャルなお品です。 #イギリス #アンティーク #アンティーク食器 #ティーカップ #エメラルドグリーン #ワイルマン #ティータイム #モーニングティー #アフタヌーンティー #5月 #誕生石 #ヴィクトリアン #陶磁器 #テーブルウエア #イギリスアンティーク #骨董 #紅茶 #アンティークのある暮らし #紅茶のある暮らし #teacuptuesday #wileman #emeraldgreen #teacuplover #tea #teatime #teacup #antique #tealover #green

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Etsy Shop Feature Series: WayBackWax

The Shop Feature Series  is a blog segment where we get to chat with artistes and find out about their inspiration and story. My special guests today are Justine & Alexis, whose  work I found while browsing Instagram.  These ladies make gorgeous soy candles in interesting vintage wares. 

Here’s what the creators had to say when I caught up with them. Getting to know the artiste, isn’t that what Etsy is about?

How did you get started?

Wayback Wax is two friends from Upstate NY. One vintage lover (Justine) and one crafty mom (Alexis). We started in March 2016 while we were thinking of how to do something fun and creative together, that could also bring in some cash!

We scour estate sales and thrift shops to find unique and fun vintage vessels for our hand poured candles. Every candle is handmade in Stillwater, NY in small batches by us. We use eco-friendly soy wax that is natural and safe so that once you have finished your candle you have a cool piece of vintage to add to your collection.

How would you describe your pieces?

Our handmade OOAK pieces are for those who love natural, soy wax candles and enjoy showing off their vintage collections. They are an eco-friendly product with style, and make a wonderful personalized gift or great addition to a collection.

Is there is favourite piece in your current collection? 

The collection is always evolving as we find new pieces. Currently my favorite is this 70’s stoneware mug that’s filled with a Country Lemonade scent. It appeals to my love of all things hippie and the scent is just cheery and summery!

Vintage 70’s Stoneware Mug Soy Wax Candle Handmade $20 from Wayback Wax

Any alternative ways for reusing your pieces ?  

Once the candles burn down, the soy wax is soooo much softer than other waxes. Just some warm soapy water and the vessel is clean and safe for drinking, eating or any other use.

What can we expect from Way back Wax in the future ?  

We are playing with the idea of offering collections for wedding and/or party favors. Curated collections of the perfect mix & match for the occasion. For example, vintage teacups in coordinating colors & scents for bridesmaids gifts or candles for Pyrex Parties!

Stuck on a desert island, what are your 3 must haves?

Swimsuit, suntan lotion and Spotify!

Just for fun are you are tea or coffee drinker? 

Coffee drinker but my favorite drink is probably a nice cold beer!

A well made Soy candle
Mom You’re The Best ! Super cute!
This Wayback Wax candle in a vintage mug is perfect for Mother's Day!
This Wayback Wax candle in a vintage mug is perfect for Mother’s Day!


My personal favourite in the shop is this mug which is perfect for Mother’s Day. This is sure to be one of a kind- OOAK gift. That’s thing about Etsy… you’re sure to find one off pieces that have the ability to translate the right mood, tone and sentiment.  This is a great example!

I love the creativity in this shop and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your candles ladies! Check out Justine and Alexis on Etsy and be sure to follow them on social media for special offers.



#TeacupTuesday Favourite 25 April, 2017

Each week I’m filled with excitement to see what beautiful teacups will turn up on #teacuptuesday feed. New folks are always joining in and I love to find other enthusiasts to follow. As a rule, I always try to have my first morning cup of tea, in a vintage teacup.

My favourite this week is from Yvette over at 📷: @shelovesblooms . Such a gorgeous display around a pretty teacup! The premium rose and black tea sounds delicious too and I shall be giving that a try!

Do you have any tea recommendations that I should try ?

Thift Shop Haul Week # 14 – Milk glass, Limoges China, Depression Glass & My Thrifting Top Tips

The beauty of thrifting is that you never know what you’re going to find. The danger of thrifting, is equally the same ! If you’ve been thrifting as long as I have, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you’ve just started, you’ll soon know what I mean. You are forewarned.

Today, I went to one of my favourite local consignment stores – Still Life Home in Hudson, MA. It’s a huge warehouse filled with treasure. And I do mean treasure. What I love about this place is that all the items are reasonably priced, beautifully displayed (environmental photos come to mind), and clean.

Lovely “Castles Purple” china set by Wood & Sons China Co. England
Did I mention that everything is clean ? Yes, you do have to pay a bit more than say, Savers or Goodwill, but having clean well laid out items is a huge benefit in my mind. If you like the thrill of the hunt, this type of boutique consignment store may not be for you. But, even though you may be less likely to find a piece of LaLique at the bottom of pile, there are still bargains to be had. Yes, someone once found a piece of French LaLique in the Goodwill. Don’t believe me ? Then go check out Mad Maine’s video here.

Goran Warff Kosta Boda “Polar” votive
This lady knows her glassware and started my addiction to Kosta Boda snowball votives. Thanks to her I can now spot a lot of Scandanavian glass. If you’re into glass, she’s definitely someone to watch on Youtube. 

They also have a uniform method for describing items. If you’re OCD, you will enjoy this, and even if you’re not, I find the consistency soothing. They list the maker if known as part of the description, number of pieces, a date for when the item first for sale, a markdown date. If there are any flaws, the little description will also include the words “AS IS”. I find this really helpful. We’ve all done it. Picked up an amazing piece, only to get home to find that it is chipped, damaged or incomplete in some way. It’s a novice mistake, that you quickly adapt to and try not repeat too often.

Still Life Home has everything. Housewares, China, Typewriters, Furniture, Flatware… you name it, they’ve probably got it. As a bargain hunter, I like to wait until an item has been in the store at least one month, as it then is further reduced. If an item is there more than 60 days, it has a further 20% off. So there are some real bargains to be had if you are both vigilant and patient.

Today, I found this wonderful blue glass luncheon set. I had my heart set on it, it was just stunning. I mean, it stopped me in tracks and I just had to bask in its wonderfulness. Ok, that was a bit flowery, but you know what I mean. The strange thing was, there was no price. So I asked one of the store staff if she could find out the price for me. She found it strange , (as did I as I think they are really meticulous about how the store is kept) and went to look up the price for me. She came back and told me that it was $39. That’s the other thing about a consignment store, you can usually find staff and they are usually quite helpful. Anyway, back to the story… It was a bargain!

Blue Depression glass Cambridge Glass company Ohio
So, I thought I would browse the store a bit more… no one was going to buy it but me right ? It had my name on it ? Right ? Wrong ? Five minutes later, I heard the sound that everyone who thrifts regularly dreads. The sound of something you intend to buy in the hands of another customer. Oh boy did that hurt! I said to the assistant, “I won’t be doing that again”. And she replied, “Oh – so that’s why the price was missing”. Turns out the gentleman, and he was really nice, had brought the tag up to the register and told them that he wanted to purchase it, but was still browsing. Obviously a pro move.

Dismayed, I carried on browsing. Lo and behold I found an entire set of American Limoges Triumph china for $10. In the pretty Treasure Island pattern which features floral bouquet in an urn, peach rim and 22k gold. Perfect for Spring as a Mother’s Day table or even a Bridal Shower luncheon.

Then I turned around and visited the bargain section, near the tills at the front of the store. There I found even a few more little bargain trinkets. Here’s a little preview below. I’ll be putting a video together of the rest of my finds on my YouTube channel. Do go ahead and subscribe for more behind the scenes and home decor inspiration.

So BIG lesson learned here. If you see something, put it in your cart. In this case, even if I had, the guy had nabbed it first and I would have given it to him, rightly. The other tip is, get to know the staff where you shop regularly. If you can’t fit an item in a cart, or you don’t have a cart, take the price tag to the register and let the staff know that you would like to buy it. And the final / lesson tip I leave you with.. don’t dwell on things you miss, you never know whether or not another treasure has your name on it, right around the corner.

Have you been thrifting lately ?



This week, my favourite captures the sentiment perfectly, after a great Easter holiday weekend. We hosted dinner with family and had a lovely time.

Monday was :

  1. The first day of school holidays
  2. Patriots Day
  3. Boston Marathon
  4. Day 7 of my 3 mile a day walk

So when Tuesday feels like Monday, more tea … is the advice from Elizabeth at who makes botanical art. She also has a lovely Etsy Shop.

How was your post holiday Monday ?

I hope you have an enjoyable rest of the week. And don’t forget to make time for tea.

Fine handmade vintage teacup candles

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