Teacup candle

A simple case of before and after

There’s a little bit of magic that happens everytime I make a new vintage teacup candle. That is after a lot of decision making….

What colour?
What fragrance?
What size should I make the wick?
Can I part with this cup?

The last question is case in point with this particular cup. I got 6 of these beautiful cups from Potterspury,  last Summer. As soon as I saw them I had to have them and at that very moment, I knew it would be difficult to part with them.

I somehow managed not to use them in my wedding…. Trickery, yes. I enjoyed having  my morning cups of tea in them.  At weekends , if friends visited, I made a point of using these cups, just because. But then , as winter came and we began to experiment with new fragrances – I knew this cup was destined to be tea coloured and fragranced in warm sugar vanilla. We’ll at least 5 of them!

The last one sold to a lovely lady on eBay for Christmas. She wrote to say how beautiful the cup was and that it smelled divine. So I think overall, I did the right thing by sharing a vintage flicker …. Before and after.

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2 thoughts on “A simple case of before and after”

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by. This one is really beautiful.
    We could do a custom order for you £7.99 plus shipping. You’d get to choose, colour and fragrance. We’ll have a lot more in the next few days available. You can also check out our ebay shop here http://ebay.eu/1cmqRw3 .

    All items come with a gift tag and beautifully wrapped.

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