Love is Sweet

Love is Sweet…

We got engaged on my birthday 9 July 2012 at a friend’s cabin in Norway. It was absolutely gorgeous and I was totally surprised… I mean like really.

After the euphoria faded, it suddenly dawned on me that we had to a lot of planning to do. We agreed on a date in May, my Mom’s birthday, and told our friends and family.

Hmmm… then February turned up and I quickly realised that we just weren’t going to be ready.  . So we took the big step together, after a lot of soul searching, and decided to postpone our Wedding until September 2013. It was the best decision we ever made.

So what was the main reason for that decision?

Inspiration… I was suffering from information overload from bridal blogs and magazines. I needed to get out of the haze and figure things out. I’m sure I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last.

Then I had a lightbulb moment I decided to focus on the  3 most important thing for us and work from there.

  1. The food has to be amazing and reflective of our diverse background and experiences
  2. The ambiance had to reflect US ( NAY to – venues such as stately homes, hotels, pre ordered invitations YAY to – handmade invitations, local venues special to us)
  3. Our guests had to have fun as some of them were travelling from very far

I then focused my search and became inspired by all the DIY stuff out there. And that’s where the idea to incorporate vintage teacups came in to light.  I did not want a full fledged Vintage Wedding, just a few little touches.

My advice to Brides to be is – Don’t get stuck on themes, focus on what’s important to you both and incorporate little touches of you throughout your day. Today’s treat… a few ideas for incorporating vintage teacups in your wedding or some good old fashioned DIY with vintage teacups.

Teacup candles double as place cards and wedding favours
Vintage Flicker
Bride and Groom teacup candles. Use as wedding favours and alternative to seating cards
Bracelet made from broken Teacup
Bracelet made from a broken antique blue bird china teacup via Dishfunctional design
Teacup bird feeder
Teacup Birdfeeder
How to make a teacup bird feeder from Intimate Weddings
Teacup candelabra centrepiece
Teacup candelabra used in a wedding at
Teacup display greenery (alternative to flowers)
Teacup succulent How to from wedding illustrated

Feeling inspired? What’s your favourite?

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4 thoughts on “Love is Sweet…”

  1. I agree..just doing what is right for you. I try to do this most the of time however at the back of my mind I wonder how family and friends would respond to that and that’s the conflict I find within myself. Norway! I grew up in Norway 🙂 I miss the snow now, just came back visiting the family in October but I’m planning to go back in the summer God willing.

      1. Fantastic. .I do miss pepperkaker and soft clementines. Apparently there’s not much snow in Drammen neither, At least you had fun 😉

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