vf @ BedPop

Early in December we set up our Vintage Flicker Facebook page. And two weeks later, we received our first challenge. One of my dear friends asked if we might be interested in BedPop. A pop up shop in Bedford showcasing local handmade items.

Well we weren’t quite local, being in Stony Stratford,  but Erica welcomed us just the same. There was just one small detail… The pop up shop closed on Christmas Eve and it was already the 16th of December, so not much time. I also had plans to go to Norway that weekend. Yikes!

The thing is, we couldn’t pass up such a fab opportunity to showcase our items. So it was decided – I would make as many candles as possible and Helen would take them to Bedford and do the setup at the shop. The candle making was the easiest part. I then had to create stock numbers and a label all our items. How I wished for “an app ” for that. But it was a good learning experience and my husband and five year old helped to put the labels on before we left for our flight at the crazy hour of 5am.

The good news is, it was all worth the effort. We sold ,most of our items in 2 days. Which was fantastic news to receive today. Plus we’ve made some new friends along the way. I’d also like to imagine that the receivers of our items, enjoyed the vintage flicker!

A big thank you to BedPop and Hazera Forth.


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