Why we love Vintage China at a Wedding (and You Should Too! )

A beautiful and expensive china dinnerware set used to be one of the most traditional wedding gifts for newly married couples. These days, however, less people are opting to receive chinaware as a wedding gift, and instead more and more brides and grooms to be are incorporating chinaware into their wedding design. If you’ve thought about using Vintage Flicker’s china sets and Teacup Candles at your wedding but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into the big day, here are our top five tips and ideas to help you get those creative wedding juices flowing.

#1: Decorations
Vintage Flicker’s Tea Sets come in a range of colours and styles to suit almost every wedding theme. If you want your decorations to be delicate and unique, then a bespoke tea set will set your wedding apart. Tea sets can be used to adorn reception areas, head tables and cake stands – the places to show off your amazing vintage tea set are almost endless.

bhldn-tablescape-mad-hatter [lovewedbliss.com]

#2: Serving Dishes                                                                                          If you’re planning a vintage themed wedding you might be looking for some amazing vintage dinnerware sets to serve your guests. Vintage Flicker can source a wide range of unique china dishes that you can incorporate in to your big day. Have a look at our Etsy Shop to see what we have in stock, or message us if there’s something you want but don’t see. We hand pick all out items and can help you source exactly what you need to wow your guests at meal time.

serving dishes [idealbride.co.uk]

#3: Centrepieces                                                                                           For a subtle touch on the big day, many wedding planners and brides and grooms-to-be are reaching for Vintage Flicker china. Our items can be used to create a range of unique and interesting table centrepieces for your wedding day. Try stacking teacups and saucers for a statement centrepiece, or keep it simple with a made-to-order Vintage Flicker Teacup Candle. You can also use a whole dinner set to present floral centerpieces at your wedding including, teacups, coffee pots, milk jugs and tea pots.

centrepiece [theburycollection.com]

#4: Wedding Favours
Vintage Flicker unique and beautiful Teacup Candles are becoming and increasingly popular choice for unique and original wedding favours and gifts. Brides-to-be, who have ordered them as wedding favours for their weddings, tell us they love them because they are a two-in-one present – a delicate candle and a decorative teacup! Our teacup candles also come in a range of colours and eras to suit almost any theme, and we can also customise the scent for you too.



#5: Lighting                                                                                           Teacup Candles are a great way to create a cosy and romantic atmosphere at your wedding. If you want a way to incorporate candles into your big day but are looking to do something a little different, why not light the place with Vintage Flicker’s Teacup Candles? Teacup candles can be placed all over the room on their own or with the saucer, they will burn for hours and leave a signature wedding scent behind.


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