5 Facts About SUSIE COOPER FOR WEDGWOOD That Will Impress Your Friends

While the Wedgwood brand is well known in the ceramics world, I’d never stumbled across a “Susie Cooper” piece and wanted to know more. Included in this post are 5 Facts that will impress your friends and make you an “instant expert” on all things Susie Cooper (ok, well maybe not instant)

Susie Cooper

Susie Cooper began as a designer in 1925 working for the English firm A.E. Gray & Company. In 1932 she formed Susie Cooper Pottery, Limited. Cooper’s dishes with modern shapes and abstract designs sold well in England before they became common in American middle-class homes in the 1940s. In 1950 it became Susie Cooper China, Ltd., and the company made china and earthenware.

In 1966 Cooper’s company was acquired by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Ltd. Susie Cooper China was now part of the Wedgwood group. Wedgwood continued to use the “Can” shape originally designed by her. There are literally thousands of patterns designed by Susie Cooper during her career! Some patterns produced before March 1966 continued in production at Wedgwood with a new factory mark.  The name Susie Cooper appears with the company names on many pieces of ceramics like this Glen Mist pattern.

Glen Mist

This beautiful floral print featuring subtle blues and greens looks almost hand drawn. It is a very sought pattern by both the casual and professional collector. The Wedgwood Waterford mark indicates that they were produced between 1972 – 1997. The teacup measures 3 X 3″and saucer 5 3/4″.  Glen Mist remained in production even after Ms Cooper retired from the company.

Glen Mist – available from Vintage Flicker (Images courtesy http://www.photonopticum.com)


Wedgwood Glen Mist pieces are highly collectible. Just take a look at a recent auction at Reeman Dansie Auctioneers & Valuers which saw three four pieces (Coffee Pot, Coffee cup, Saucer, Milk/Creamer jug) valued between £30 -£50 sell for the hammer price of £44.

These cups were found rescued in North Buckinghamshire, England in the lovely little English town of Stony Stratford. Definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Top 5 Facts

So those Top 5 Facts to Impress your friends (drum roll please)

  1. Susie Cooper began as a designer in 1925 working for the English firm A.E. Gray & Company
  2. Wedgwood acquired Susie Cooper’s company in 1966 and continued to use the”Can” shape she’d pioneered
  3. This woman was cool, she’s created literally thousands of designs and started her own company in 1932
  4. She is famous for both her earthenware and bone china patterns
  5. Glen Mist is one of the most sought after Susie Cooper for Wedgwood pattern featuring subtle blues & greens

If you’re now in love with Glen Mist and want to grab yourself a sought after vintage cup…. you’re in luck. We have a few coffee cups available our  ETSY SHOP. Now, I know what you’re thinking… can I have tea in this cup? Well of course you can! Are you a Susie Cooper fan?


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