Royal Albert Baltimore Oriole Woodland courtesy Ivy

Teacup Collectors Interview Series | Ivy’s Love for Royal Albert

The Teacup Collectors Interview Series  is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek inside the cupboards of people all over the world. My special guest today is Ivy from the Phillipines, who has a thing for vintage Royal Albert bone china.

Teacup collecting has quite the cult following. How did you discover it? Tell us your story.

I was following someone in Instagram who was advertising another online seller who was mainly selling vintage teacups from Japan. The ad was showing a very pretty floral teacup, a Noritake, if I remember correctly. So I decided to click on the seller’s name, saw the lovely teacups, and hence started my teacup adventure.

What was your first piece?

My first piece was an “Occupied Japan” yellow iridescent teacup.

Occupied Japan iridescent teacup courtesy of Ivy
Occupied Japan iridescent teacup courtesy of Ivy

Tell me a little about what you collect. Is it a particular style, period, colour or just a random draw to a particular piece?

I don’t have anything specific, actually. Although I seem to gravitate towards Royal Albert designs and the Japanese made ones. I also like the ones with characters like Peter the Rabbit and the MacMillan Alice.

Share 3 images from your collection and tell us a little about each?

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  1. This is a Royal Albert Baltimore Oriole Woodland duo. This is part of the Woodland series. It is a series of six: Baltimore Oriole, Blue Jay, Goldfinch, Humming Bird, Redwing and Robin. I am particularly attracted to this one because of the colour combination of the design.

  2. This is part of the Wedgwood Jasperware collection. It is pale blue in colour and very intricately designed. It has an unglazed look with a beautiful white motif in bas-relief. I also have this in green, but I like this one better.

  3. This is my everyday teacup. My ultimate favourite. It’s a Royal Albert Kentish Rockery duo. It is inspired by Kent or “The Garden of England”. It is in countess shape and very dainty. I have an entire place setting for this, that’s how much I love this design!

Where do you find your inspiration for what to collect?

I love looking at pictures from Pinterest and Instagram. I get inspired whenever I see people also collecting teacups and sharing pictures of their collections. It makes me want to put out all my teacups and admire it and rearrange my cabinet all the time! LOL

Do you have any recommendations for new users who say “ I don’t know where to start?”

Start with knowing what you want. Do you want floral designs? Contemporary modern ones? Character designs? From there you can already specify a brand or designer that you can check out. Join communities, surround yourself with like-minded people. Browse pictures online for more inspiration.

Stuck on a desert island, what are your 3 must have items?

  • A device that can extract water from just about anywhere! Is there such a thing? LOL
  • A knife so I can figure out how to get food from just about anything.
  • And a really, really, good book.

What’s your latest purchase? Best bargain?

My latest purchase is a set of the MacMillan Alice from Japan. I got the entire set with teapot for only ¥ 4,900 or $39.90 USD!

Any other hobbies?

I love reading Young Adult (YA) novels and series; Do some graphic design work for invitations and the like, and cooking!

Most Teacup collectors also seem to love tea or coffee. What’s your favourite tea/coffee?

I love Twinings Lemon Ginger! My ultimate favourite.


Ivy, thank you so much for sharing your collection with us!

Thanks for giving me a chance to share my teacup-love in your blog! I hope this will help inspire someone out there to start their very own collection sometime soon. More power to you! Xoxo!

For all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can find Ivy here:

Facebook: ivylicious82
Instagram: ivylixious82


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