Etsy Shop Feature Series: JaHannaMartinez

The Shop Feature Series  is a blog segment where we get to chat with artistes and find out about their inspiration and story. My special guest today is Jahanna Martinez, whose  work I found while looking for some hair pieces for my daughter, who has hair that just cannot be tamed.  Anyway, that’s another story for another day. Let me tell you about these headbands, really they’re headpieces. 


JaHanna Martinez on Etsy
JaHanna Martinez on Etsy
Now, I know what you’re thinking… Headbands, really?

But these headbands are not your typical Target / Walmart / Primark  buys. These are headbands that are finally designed to  fit (because they’re adjustable) and are available in a range of styles and colours.

They can be worn for anything from workouts, to the office, to special occasions such as weddings. And there it is… an alternative styling option for your hair.

Here’s what Jahanna had to say when I caught up with her. Getting to know the artiste, isn’t that what Etsy is about?

How did you get started?

Well, After graduating from Parsons School of Art and Design,  I worked in the NYC Fashion industry for several years. But I always wanted my own company. So in 2008, after a culmination of events – birth of my son; economic downturn ; downsizing of husband’s job –  I decided it was time,  and started to brainstorm what could I make all on my own that was unique using my creative fashion background. And that’s how it started, with my love of fabric!

How would you describe your pieces?

Vintage with a modern twist, that is stylish yet timeless.

Is there is favourite piece in your current collection? 

Yes, my Classic Silk Black Headband that can worn with anything.

What can we expect from the shop in the future?  

A new thin style headband with great design feature in unique color combos.

Stuck on a desert island, what are your 3 must haves?

My family, a garden, my cell phone

Just for fun are you are tea or coffee drinker? 

Coffee every morning!


Flapper style headband by JahannaMartinez on Etsy
Flapper style headband by JahannaMartinez on Etsy
My personal favourite in the shop is this Flapper Style headband. Made from silk, it’s definitely got that classic vintage style . Jahanna’s inspiration for this piece was none other than Josephine Baker, who sang and sashayed in 1920’s Paris. Wouldn’t this look amazing in a vintage style or classic bride? Especially at the Reception party when you really want to let your hair down 🙂

I definitely think it’s worth checking out Jahanna’s Shop and follow her Facebook page for special offers.

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  4. Shop Fascinator styles

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