Georgie’s #Teacup Quest

It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon, warmer than usual for this time of year for New England, when I received Georgie’s tweet.

don’t suppose you’d know where I could get a Royal Staffordshire “Anniversary Greetings” teacup and saucer? “

Turns out Georgie had been tweeting for well over an hour, even to Royal Staffordshire themselves, to try and find this cup. Sadly, it wasn’t a cup I had in my collection. I did offer her the option of the “Happy Anniversary” cup I had available at Vintage Flicker on Etsy. However, the young lady was in pursuit of the “one”.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I began to conduct my own search to find this cup for Georgie. Besides, the cup is stunning, isn’t it? This cup was made by Crown Staffordshire, not Royal Staffordshire and is actually part of a collection from the Anniversary Greetings series. This particular cup is called January and is vintage (more than 20 years old).

From what I could find out, there were a few cups available, but only in the  USA. Hmmm…. And therein lies problem number two – the buyer wanted UK delivery and/or low shipping cost. All the cups I could find, DID NOT meet this criteria. I tweeted Georgie that she should reach out to another Etsy seller, TheAfternoonTeaset, run by Joanna in the Northeast (I think she’s near Leeds… anyway, I digress), who’s lovely and has quite the collection.

So what have I learned? The power of social media, is very much alive. Surprisingly (well to me a least), even for a quirky quest for a vintage teacup. I do hope Georgie finds this cup. If you have it for sale, do let her know on Twitter. Her handle is @GeorgieCKelham.

I hope you’re having a great week, and getting support on your quest, whatever it may be. I’m busy making gift baskets and of course finding new treasures. How’s your week been?


One thought on “Georgie’s #Teacup Quest”

  1. I’m keeping a keen eye out for it on my tea party treasure hunting expeditions Georgie! And thank you for the lovely mention and compliment Vintage Flicker, it’s always so lovely to hear from you! It’s now mild weather here in ‘Old’ England – blowing gales! Xx ps. You weren’t too far off – I’m near Sheffield. I hope you have both had a wonderful week! Joanna X

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