Games Night – People Weekly Trivia by Parker Brothers – We love the ’80s !

From the mid eighties, this vintage People Weekly board game by Parker Brothers, is sure to test your general knowledge.
The rich. The famous. The powerful. They’re today’s people—making today’s news. Everyone wants to know as much about them as possible. And most likely, you’re no exception. But how much do you really know about today’s famous people? Enough to answer 3,000 trivia questions in categories like SONG, TUBE, SCREEN, PAGES, JOCKS, and CHATTER? Enough to bet on your knowledge—and move rapidly ahead? Enough to trick—and slow down—an opponent? Adapted from the ever-popular PEOPLE WEEKLY magazine, this fast-paced, fascinating game is sure to provide the answer whenever the question is fun. [Please note that this is not the same as the Patch Products game of the same name produced in 2002.]
Available now VintageFlicker (19.99 USD)

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