Reed and Barton Silver plate and Enamel Serving Ware – A Hostess Must Have

Reed and Barton, now part of the Lenox family, is known for making great silverware pieces.  They have been doing so since 1824! I love their older patterns and have started collecting them for my own personal use. We regularly have informal gatherings with friends here at VF HQ (that’s at my house – lol) which gives me an opportunity to use my vintage serving ware. Spending time with friends should be celebrated as a special occasion – at least in my humble option. I digress…. In particular I really enjoy the contrast of Reed and Barton’s small silver plated enamel serving bowls.

I sold an orange enamel set just before Christmas 2015.  These are gorgeous pieces for serving dry snacks or candy. The orange contrast of the enamel against the silver-plate was particularly striking. Have a look yourself.

Reed and Barton pedestal bowls
Reed and Barton pedestal bowls
Reed and Barton orange enamel bowl (Base)

These pieces were tarnished but can easily be sparkly and shiny again if that’s more of your preference. Personally, I like the shiny look, but sold these “As Is” so that the purchaser could decide the look that was right for them. If you’d like the clean look then I highly recommend Wright’s Silver Cream, which I discovered from a YouTuber – BeMyGuestWithDenise. (Thanks Denise – Watch her step by video here). There are of course many alternative methods, but this one is super quick – I like that!

The eagle eyed amongst you may have also noticed that the pieces are labeled and numbered. Great for pieces that go “Walk about” or if someone would like to source the item for their own home decor.

If you’re now also in love with these pieces, I currently have a gorgeous red enamel bowl in store available. I will be adding a few more pieces over the next two weeks, so do check back !

I’m always interested to learn more about the pieces I list for Vintage Flicker and Reed and Barton silver-plated bowls are definitely going to feature more in the future.



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