To Valentine or NOT Valentine…

There’s always such a frenzy around Valentine’s Day to get the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. Isn’t there ? Today, I was looking back at the cards I’d saved from Mr Vintage Flicker over the decade that we’ve known each other. The cards he gave me are truly special… They always include a hand written thought or idea which came from his heart.

Last year he got me a really lovely handmade necklace from a neighbour who runs the lovely Etsy Shop – Hapitat. (This is a great little shop, do pop by and check her out) I had remarked several months back that I had really loved the necklace she was wearing at event, and then like magic it appeared on Valentine’s Day. Last year, we stayed in and had a posh steak and chips dinner. The steak, which I got from Waitrose supermarkets in the UK, was absolutely divine! This year my daughter and I have made our own cards using a few ideas on Pinterest and books from the Library. A good excuse to use up my craft and stationery supplies!

On another note, the shop has been getting quite busy over the last few weeks. I’m already thinking about vintage items for Spring, though I’m literally just coming out of two back to back snow storms here in New England. Apparently there is a third on the way too! Weather like this is certainly made for internet shopping.

So if you’re still looking for something, have a look in the shop. If you Grab the coupon code below you will get Free Domestic Shipping (USA only – sorry). And… if you sign up for the Vintage Flicker newsletter, you can also receive a 15% instant discount code. Follow the link here to subscribe.


So, I’m still undecided on what we’re going to do on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the weather will determine where we end up! What are your plans ? Are you staying in or going out? Let me know in the comments…

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