Vintage Flicker Etsy Sales

Vintage Flicker Milestone – Reaching 50 + Etsy Sales

Well, I guess it had to happen, Right?

Vintage Flicker has made it’s first 50 sales since opening in 2014. It’s been an interesting few months following my passion – finding vintage treasures! Who knew that this once ( maybe I still am ? ) super geek IT Consultant would now be more interested in Depression Glassware than taming the beast of an Excel spreadsheet or creating business strategies for customer engagement. I certainly didn’t forsee it.

So what have I sold?  You can take a look at my sales on Etsy here or feast your eyes on a sample of them below.

Vintage Flicker 50 Items Sold
Vintage Flicker 50 Items Sold

Notice anything? Yep, there’s more than just teacups and teacup candles sold. I decided to dip my toe into vintage items. And once the toe was dipped, the entire body, mind and soul went along for the ride – I was totally hooked.

So how did this get started?

As you will know from my ReInvention post, I decided that I wanted my Etsy shop to be more than a hobby. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, but found lots of inspiration on YouTube – Planet Alissa, ThriftyTheresa and TexasGalTreasures are a few of my favourites . If you’re just getting started with Etsy, I definitely suggest you go check out their respective channels. I was also aware of some of my weaknesses/blind spots, SEO – search engine optimisation, Etsy ranking & relevancy, product photography …. the list was vast. I needed help and that was when I stumbled upon Sarah Sewell – The Joyful Entrepreneur. Best investment I ever made in Vintage Flicker and really in myself.

I’m not going to evangelise about Sarah Sewell and the Flourish members, other than to say it’s an awesome group of motivated people. Flourish essentially takes all the hours out of googling for “How to get your Etsy Shop to Work”. The information is updated regularly and you can ask questions of the experts on – SEO, Copy Writing, Product Photography, Graphic Design , Branding, Social Media & Marketing. You name it, it’s there!

With a clear vision and my own personal style in hand, once I started getting the basics right, sales started to pick up. Vintage Flicker is highly curated and I only purchase items which I think someone else is going to love. I’m still learning – and constantly standing back and reviewing and reflecting – and I’m totally ok with that. I am my own worse critic at times so having some support from my husband – who’s a photography buff btw helps ! Here are a few of my favourite items that have sold.


One thing that I knew from the start that would be important to maintain were high standards of customer service. All customers receive a hand written note thank you note from me and all items are packaged with care and attention to detail. While I do use recycled packaging materials for some of my larger items, I still try to make my packaging  as “pretty” as possible with the addition of branded touches.

Vintage Flicker Reviews
Vintage Flicker Reviews

I’m really excited about what’s to come in 2016. I have rediscovered my love of typewriters (Yep those things that existed before computers!) , SLOWLY embracing New England weather and enjoying the vintage treasure hunt. If you’re also an Etsy Seller, I’d love to hear your story about your first milestone.

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