#SaturdayThrift- My first Church Rummage Sale

Well, it was indeed a glorious day for a Church Rummage Sale! It was super sunny and the weather was agreeable, at least, with me. Not too cold and not too hot! So, off I went to Clinton, MA.

My outfit for the day

It’s a lovely drive down MA 62 and I decided to be bit adventurous. Along the way, I stopped and took photos of objects that struck me. There is no rhyme or reason behind these…. except for the Cadillac (at least I think it’s a Cadillac). Mr Vintage Flicker had one of these back in the day, when he first moved to America from Germany. He has threatened/mentioned (you choose) to get another one for us to cruise in.  I’m not sure he’d actually do it, but I like to tease him!

Really, you want this piece of junk? To each his own– Cadillac!

Along MA 62, Just on the outskirts of Berlin, I drove past this quaint old car! I just had to stop. Counting Sheep Antiques will be opening in March 2016. I will certainly have to pop back and see what goodies they have inside. Side Note: It was slightly dangerous taking this photo on the side of the road. But I decided that it was worth the risk in the name of Photo journalism/bloggerism/some ‘ism !

Counting Sheep Antiques Rt 62 Berlin MA
Counting Sheep Antiques

Just outside Clinton, still in Berlin is the West Street Station. They are rebuilding the station, so may be these tracks will have trains on it again. I do have a love for train travel. A trip on the Orient Express to Russia or Switzerland is definitely on the bucket list.

Train tracks, where do they go?
Opposite site, RailRoad Crossing

I just love old signage. Look at this Bear… He looks happy doesn’t he?


Clinton has a Weetabix factory. It is huge! I’m not sure what was going on, but when I got there, Fire trucks were leaving. False alarm I reckon!

I didn’t take any other photos of the factory or the Aqueduct across the road as I running late at this point! Maybe next time. The Rummage sale itself was successful for me! I got some lovely china – Wedgwood, Johnson Brothers, Limoges ; vintage linens ; casserole pot,  foundue sticks and a few other bits.

I’ll be spending the week photographing these items for the shop. But I’m so glad I decided to take these photos along the way! How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


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