These terms and conditions have been set out by the proprietor of Vintage Flicker. Vintage Flicker reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

All clients must agree to the following terms and conditions when renting from Vintage Flicker. It is the client’s responsibility to take charge of the care of the crockery and should make any other persons involved in the event aware of these terms and conditions.

By paying the deposit the client agrees to accept the terms and conditions as shown on the website.


All crockery hired from Vintage Flicker will remain the property of Vintage Flicker.

Clients are solely accountable for the crockery at all times during the agreed period of rental stated on the invoice.

The Crockery

Vintage Flicker will accept no responsibility for any loss or injury caused to any person or property by the use of the crockery and recommends all clients to purchase insurance prior to their event.

The crockery is in a vintage condition, therefore some wear and tear should be expected, as some pieces are over 50 years old, but Vintage Flicker will guarantee there will be no chips or cracks to the pieces you rent, however there may be crazing or cutlery marks.

Renting crockery from Vintage Flicker will be mismatched to give an eclectic, vintage look to your event. Tea cups and saucers will come in matching pairs, but side and dinner plates, milk jugs, sugar bowls and teapots will not match. Vintage china is often smaller in dimensions to what we are used to present day, so please keep this in mind when you are planning your event, and be aware that the crockery will vary in size, colour and style.

Here at Vintage Flicker, we are free spirits, and, while aesthetics is at the front of our mind, we certainly are not purists. That’s why you’ll also find folksy pieces in our Vintage collection from England, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Norway, among others.

Cleaning & Crockery Care

As the crockery is delicate and in many cases at least 50 years old, please do not wash in a dishwasher. The crockery will need to be washed and dried with care by hand; therefore Vintage Flicker offers a free cleaning service as part of the hiring package. Clients are asked to remove excess food waste and then repack the crockery in the packaging supplied. i.e. no food or liquid deposits to be left on the crockery. Should this not be done a surcharge of 10% of the total rental fee will be made for this additional cleaning and deducted from the loss and damage deposit.

Vintage crockery is more fragile than commercial catering crockery and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure extra care is required when handling, stacking, washing up and re-packing the crockery.

Crockery will be delivered carefully packaged and expected to be returned in the same condition.

The Rental

When renting crockery from Vintage Flicker the charges are calculated on a 48 hour rental period to give you maximum flexibility. The crockery will be delivered on the day agreed and collected on the agreed day and time. Extended periods of hire will need to be discussed and agreed on hiring and will be subject to availability. A further 48 hour hiring period would be charge at 50% of the original hiring price.

Loss and Damages

Vintage Flicker requires a refundable damage payment to be made when booking, this is a set $50.00 fee which will be returned to you after the event when all pieces of crockery have been checked and counted.

We know that accidents can happen, so please be honest and inform us of any damages or breakages of crockery on return. As Vintage Flicker will need to source vintage items to replace any missing or damaged items, they will be charged at four times the rental charge and will be deducted from the original deposit paid. If a client breaks or damages more than the deposit, then a separate invoice will be sent to cover these costs.

Delivery and Collection

Vintage Flicker charge a delivery and collection fee of $25 for all orders under $150 within a 10 mile radius of Marlborough, Massachusetts. For orders above $150, we will deliver free of charge within a 10 mile radius of Marlborough, MA. Any miles outside the 10 mile radius will be charged a delivery charge of 75c per mile. Alternatively, clients can arrange to collect the crockery but should be aware they then take full responsibility for all items during transportation and have the appropriate size vehicle for transporting large boxes and have insurance against all loss or damage to the crockery hired.

On delivery/collection the customer shall inspect the items and sign the delivery note. In the event of any shortage or damage, the customer should note this on the delivery note at the time of delivery/collection. If the customer fails to do this, the items will be deemed to have been delivered/collected in a clean and undamaged condition.


To secure a booking with Vintage Flicker a deposit of 50% of the overall rental charges must be paid along with a $50 dollar refundable breakages/damages payment. After the crockery is returned, the customer will be informed within 4 working days if there are any losses or damages to the items. In the event of damage, the customer is requested to keep the damaged item(s) so that Vintage Flicker can easily reconcile stock.

Having completed an initial booking enquiry form, these payments will be invoiced to you.

The final balance will be invoiced to you and need to be paid so the funds are cleared 30 days prior to the booked event.

The crockery will not be delivered or available for collection unless payment has been made in full.

Payments can be made by Cheque, Cash or PayPal. Cash payment will need to be arranged and agreed prior to delivery.


We ask for our clients to inform us in writing as soon as possible if they need to cancel their order. If the cancellation is made 30 days before the event a full refund will apply, however if the cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to the event, 100% of the hiring charges will apply.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, Vintage Flicker are unable to deliver the service a full refund will be made to the customer.

Vintage Flicker

© All rights reserved


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