Vintage Flicker on Etsy

Vintage Flicker on Etsy – Retro Office Anyone ?…

As you may already know, I do have a love for Analogue and Retro items from my childhood. That and my love for stationery, paper crafts, journalling meant that it was only a matter of time before I started curating Vintage Office Accessories for Vintage Flicker !

If you’ve been following me on Instagram , you’ll see that my feed has had quite a few typewriters of late. To date I have “collected” eight of them. I have had three of them professionally repaired by the lovely Tom at Cambridge Typewriters in Arlington, MA. I highly recommend this shop if you’re nearby! Two of them I have only had to clean, so have repaired these myself.

Vintage Flicker on Etsy – Omega ll Typewriter recently SOLD

It’s such a joy to watch something old and tired, brought back to life.  The real catalyst has been the lovely Facebook community of Antique Typewriter Collectors, who have been nothing but patient and welcoming. If you’re new to collecting or interested in Typewriters, you need this group in your life ! Though, you are forewarned, there’s a lot of eye candy and my “want list” has steadily grown and I may have to put it on a diet.

Of course, there are more than just Typewriters available for your if you’re looking to kit out your desk in a Retro / Vintage Style. There are a few very MOD looking staplers and pencil sharpeners that look like they’re straight out of a Mad Men desk . Very ’60s / 70s. And who remembers that classic Rolodex ?

Vintage Flicker on Etsy - Vintage Office Accessories
Vintage Flicker on Etsy – Vintage Office Accessories

So am I the only one who loves collecting Typewriters ?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you collect ?


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