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The Hobonichi  Interview Series  is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek inside the diary of another Hobonichi user. This edition is a little different… I’m so pleased to have found The Hobonichi Society Feed – it really highlights other Hobonichi users! Alison does a fantastic job curating her feed with lots of yummy photos…all while ‘Studenting’ in sunny California.  


  • Age: 18
  • Occupation: Student
  • City/Neighborhood: Los Angeles, CA USA

The Hobonichi has quite the cult following. How did you discover it?

A few years ago, I proudly purchased a traditional planner for school and made a resolution to write down homework assignments and test dates into the planner every single day. It didn’t last for long. I just didn’t like the format of the planner and I believed that I could remember everything my teachers said…until I started forgetting homework assignments and forgetting to study for tests. Therefore, I embarked on a long journey browing the Internet, looking for the best planner to suit my needs, and I ran across the Hobonichi. As soon as I laid my eyes on the sight of it (beautiful paper, interchangeable covers (!), and lightly inked dates), I fell in love. Two days later, I placed my first Hobonichi order, just in time for the Spring edition start (this is why I use the Spring edition, not because I like it better, but because I just happened to buy the Spring edition first and I can’t efficiently switch to the January version without either wasting a book or being Hobonichi-less for a few months).

Your can find The Hobonichi Society on Instagram and Facebook
Your can find The Hobonichi Society on Instagram and Facebook

Share 5 images from The Hobonichi Society feed and tell us a little about each ?

Alison has kindly chosen a few images to share… this was a difficult task. Have you seen the gorgeous images she shares ? Still it had to be done.

Firsts !
































Where do you find your inspiration for what to include ?

I usually write and doodle about my every-day life. So I often include drawings of food and beverages. I draw inspiration from everything around me – I always carry my Hobonichi with me so that I can whip it out and draw whenever inspiration strikes 🙂 . I think you don’t necessarily have to travel a ton or do super duper special things every day to find inspiration – it is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary that makes daily journaling so special and so much fun.

Do you have any recommendations for new users who say “ I can’t doodle/draw ?”

The beauty of the Hobonichi is that it’s not your typical journal or sketchbook, and it’s not like a traditional planner. Doodling and drawing skills are certainly not required to enjoy the Hobonichi. Each blank page is the perfect canvas for writing, planning, pasting stickers or washi tape, scrapbooking, you name it! I have seen beautiful pages where people wrote out their day or made a little daily calendar for themselves, and all doodle and drawing free. Of course, if you would like to learn how to doodle or draw, the Hobonichi is also a great medium. In my first Hobonichi, I challenged myself to draw a dish or some kind of food that I had every day. Having the dates printed on every page of the journal gave me enough push to draw everyday, and soon enough, I could start doing simple sketches with pen and markers. The Tomoe River paper inside the Hobo is perfect for beginner drawers as it is easy to blend and layer color onto the paper.

Stuck on a desert island with your Hobo, what are your 3 must have materials ?

My Uni-Ball Signo in 0.28, my 24 color Zig Clean Color marker set, and a Sakura Micron in size 02.

What’s your latest purchase ?

A Rotring 600 mechanical pencil with 0.5 tip. It’s by far the best mechanical pencil I have ever used, with enough weight to feel sturdy but with great balance.

Any other hobbies ?

I love crocheting and playing around with DIY projects, especially those revolving around upcycling old clothes. Crocheting is just so therapeutic and I love looking at the finished projects, knowing that they’ll always have a special meaning to them. Upcycling old clothes started as a way for me to save money while staying on trend but now I do it for my friends and just out of the blue for fun! I love the idea of turning something that was once loved into something that will continue to be loved for a long time.

Most Hobonichi lovers also seem to love tea or coffee. What’s your favorite tea/coffee ?

I don’t drink coffee but I love tea! I’m obsessed with anything rose flavored. My absolute favorite tea is Darjeeling Rose Camélia from Mariage Fréres. I’ve never been able to purchase it online but fortunately I have a friend who goes to France every year and brings me back a tin! Having tea and journaling/planning is just such a luxury.

 How do we find out more about The Hobonichi Society ?

  • Blog: thehobonichisociety.tumblr.com
  • IG: @thehobonichisociety
  • Facebook: facebook.com/alison.chiang.ths
  • Pinterest: pinterest.com/alisonchiangths

The Hobonichi Society isn’t just a name; it’s a community, comprised of each and every person who has a Hobonichi or is considering to buy one. I love interaction with members of the society, so please feel free to email me, comment on my photos, or message me on Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest! I promise to answer each comment or question to the best of my ability!

If you enjoyed this interview or have been inspired by other who you think I should feature in this interview series, please comment below! More information on the Hobonichi can be found on their website .

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