My Favourite Instagram Snaps – Summer 2016 Edition

I was lucky enough to spend most of the Summer in London. The first two weeks I filled with sight seeing (Yes I know I lived there for a long time but I haven’t seen it all, not even close ! ) and visiting my good friends. It was a real delight. ‘Blighty’ was sunny for the most part and I really enjoyed my time off before starting work on a project.

Here’s a few of my favourites…..


As you can see food was heavily featured ! I have an awesome group of friends who treated me to several dinners/lunches in the city. Though one did make me walk to and across the tops of the Derbyshire Dales...Still I survived.

Here are a few of the places I visited

  • Furtzon Lake in Milton Keynes. MK is a new city just over 40 years old. It reminds me of the States. Wide roads, but watch out for those roundabouts  !
  • Deconstructed cheesecake with strawberry sorbet at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa London St Paul’s with amazing views !
  • Just off Balham High Street and 2 mins from the tube I had the most glorious brioche French toast , berries, clotted cream concoction at The Exhibit. I met some lovely girls who were on holiday from Scotland and treated themselves to the Champagne Breakfast. Things got interesting, but that is a story for another day !
  • Jerk Chicken delights, well spiced and great service at Rum Kitchen. Enjoy the walk down London’s famous Carnaby street.
  • After that hike across the Derbyshire Dales, the perfect refuge from the rain and to support my weak legs was found at The Old Dog in Ashbourne. This place just oozes country charm. Plus imagine my glee when I noticed that there was an old treadle style sewing machine!
  • Homemade Teriyaki Salmon with steamed jasmine rice and Kale **it wasn’t as yucky as thought** from dear Dr Adam, by appointment only in Norfolk UK.
  • Sunny Northamptonshire for the vintage Olympia Typewriter. What trip would be complete without picking up some vintage items.


I’d love hear about your adventures this summer. Did you find any vintage treasures ? Comment below. Can’t wait to hear about your funny or stand out moments…



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