Home Decor – Finding your Vintage Flicker

Personally, I’m not someone who follows trends. I love what I love and it’s usually love at first sight! This is true for Home Decor and the vintage pieces in our home in London and now Boston, USA. Scattered throughout our 2 level home, you will find items that we have moved across the Atlantic (at least twice) as well as heirloom pieces that have been handed down, now in our care until the next generation.

Etsy Home Decor Trends 2016  featuring elements of brass, Sporting goods and Blue Danube china. Etsy’s list also includes Barware, Chintz, Industrial & Medical furniture and Camping / Cabin gear (Photo courtesy – Etsy.com)

For me, Vintage doesn’t have to mean lots of florals and chintz in your home. I love the sexy and sometimes feminine lines in some 60’s furniture, with Mid Century Modern and Scandanavian design being my absolute jam! I enjoy refreshing our home with a few seasonal updates, but I draw the line when it begins to look like clutter!

Eames designs through the years (Photo courtesy Etsy.com)

Ultimately, your Home Decor should reflect YOU. Are you a book lover ? Then fill it with books ! I’d recommend a mix of old and new, with great spines and things that just fill you with fond memories. And… you don’t just have to store them in a bookshelf. Look around and find creative little spaces or places to display them. I get a little kick out of placing everyday items in unexpected places. My set of three pastel vintage Smith Corona typewriters are on display in our lounge floor, and often sparks conversation with visitors. It’s like a little surprise.

Write novels a la Ernest Hemingway with this Vintage Royal Quiet Deluxe in crinkle matte black finish (www.vintageflicker.com)

So here are my Top Tips for adding a bit of Vintage Flicker to your Home Decor.

  1. Take some time to get to know your space. Live in it a little and don’t rush to find your bigger pieces of furniture.
  2. Stalk Etsy, garage sale sites, thrift stores and your local Craigslist for great one off pieces !
  3. Keep a Pinterest board with ideas and inspiration. This will help you narrow down your personal style.
  4. Mix and Match Vintage with Modern/Remade pieces. It’s ok, honestly.
  5. Lighting is key. Understanding the function of space will help you determine the type of lightning needed. If it’s an office space then it will need a desk/task lighting etc.
  6. Have a fresh inexpensive bouquet of flowers in a (vintage) vase. This always makes me feel decadent, as it’s such a lovely finishing touch.
  7. Before you buy new, have a look at what you’ve already got. If you collect lots of vintage china , like I do, get them out of the cupboards. Display them (safely) somewhere in your home so you can enjoy them.
  8. Change pieces seasonally. We have a lovely large floral print that works in the Spring Summer but just doesn’t feel right on the same wall in the winter. So we swap it out for something more in keeping with the season.
  9. Comfort is key.
  10. Most importantly … Have fun!




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