Vintage Flicker Finds – London Typewriter Edition – Part 1

I had a fantastic 4.5 months in London! Half of which I spent on “vacation”. London is really great in the Summer. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. After the first few weeks of catching up with friends, I started to yearn for the thrill of finding “New” vintage items. I have a particular penchant for portable  manual typewriters, for which the start of this addiction, needs an entire post. (I’ll put that on my To Do list ! ).



I began to visit websites such as Gumtree and the garage sale app Shpock and visited my favourite Car Boot sale in Pottersbury, for new treasures.

The Olympia SF was the first find on Shpock



Here’s the same machine, cleaned up !

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for at first, but after a seeing a few more posts from Richard Polt’s European collection, author of the Typewriter Revolution, I started to create a wish list. Top of the list was the Groma Kolibri, closely followed by a Princess 300 and Hermes 3000.

Imperial Good Companion – Obsessed with this exposed type bar styles of the 1960’s
The Valentine – I can see why it has a cult following and a must for most collectors. It’s sexy!
Smith Premier Chum – In fact a rebranded Remington Portable
Hermes 300 – This is my favourite
Remington Home Portable, UK Version. I can imagine being a BBC Reporter with one of these on my lap.

Most of these machines just require some cleaning. The Hermes is just so wonderful to type on, I don’t think I will part with it! The Olympia SF has just sold to a lovely lady. I hope she enjoys it! You can find other machines for SALE in the store. Maybe one will make you Flicker !

Stay tuned for Part 2… yes, I brought even more machines home!



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