Junk and Geraniums

Etsy Shop Feature Series: Junk & Geraniums

The Shop Feature Series  is a blog segment where we get to chat with artistes and find out about their inspiration and story. My special guest today is Julie, who’s  a lovely Instagram friend. I first found her when searching Instagram for other teacup lovers. I fell in love with pretty pink set she had shared… 

Junk & Geraniums on Etsy
Junk & Geraniums on Etsy


Here’s what Julie had to say when I caught up with her. Getting to know the Shop Owners, isn’t that what Etsy is about?

Teacup collecting has quite the cult following. How did you discover it? Tell me your story.

I have always loved drinking tea from a cup and saucer , we did it as children and its always been the way . My nana introduced me to china cups and thats where it began .

What was your first piece ?

Blue willow was my first set when i bought my first house at 21 . i had no extra money to buy new things so my life of vintage or second hand as it was known in the 1980s !

Tell me a little about what you collect. Is it a particular style, period, colour etc. or just a random draw to a particular piece? 

I’m quite random but lots of collections have passed through my home. I collect and use Tuscan Plant in pink. I love flowers so they are perfect for me and the elegant 1930/1940 shapes are divine .

Share some of your collection and tell us a little about each .  

Look at all that glorious china !
Stacking teacup fun… Trios!
Check out the jewel tones and fluted details on these teacups !
Pretty, Pink, Floral, what more could you ask for a tea set ?





Where do you find your inspiration for what to collect ?

My inspiration comes from magazine, Instagram and other online sources. But mainly at flea markets, vintage fairs, charity shops and car boots.  

Do you have any recommendations for new users who say ” I don’t know where to start ” ?

When i speak to customers who are “ new “ to vintage and ask me where do I start…, my advice is –  Ask yourself what colours do you like ; What patterns appeal ; What shape ? I also explain that vintage isnt a quick fix , its a journey of finding pieces to match or not.  It’s not about buying a full set and thats that ! It also becomes an adventure as you visit different places and find that elusive milk jug !

Stuck on a desert island, what are your 3 must have items ?

My Mac as it has music , books and news ! Sewing thread and needle and some fabric . I really meant good vodka , sobraine cigarettes and a good book !!

What’s your latest purchase ? Best Bargain ?

A Meakin Rosa coffee pot from a charity shop for £3 .

Any other hobbies ?

I like sewing, reading, visiting art galleries, eating out.

Most teacup collectors also seem to love tea or coffee. What’s your favourite tea or coffee ?

I prefer coffee , but love Fortnum & Mason Rose Puchong and their Earl Grey .

Anything else you’d like to add ?

I believe that vintage tea cups should be used ! A good tea pot and tea strainer must be used ! dont hide your china away and bring it out for best ,,, use it use it !!

I love seeing Julie’s pink china! Drool over her instagram feed.

I definitely think it’s worth checking out Julie’s shop and follow her on JunkandGeraniums for special offers.

  1. Shop vintage books
  2. Shop vintage china
  3. Shop vintage pretties

Are you a pink teacup lover as well ?


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