What Sold on Etsy – Three reasons why this is the hashtag for all Etsy Sellers

We already know that Etsy has a great community of vintage sellers and handmade makers. So why do you need this hashtag, I hear you ask ?

Let me give you three reasons why #WhatSoldonEtsy is THE hashtag for all Etsy Sellers, both vintage and handmade:

  1. The #WhatSoldonEsty hashtag is a great way to network and possibly even form collaborations with others in a complimentary niche to your own.
  2. Find your next great gift from a fellow Etsy seller. It’s also a great resource for potential customers as a source of inspiration for their next purchase. This is especially powerful with Instagram’s “Save a post” feature. Did I mention that people just love buying from small businesses ?!!
  3. If you’re a vintage seller, this would also be a great place to see what items are “trending” or popular with customers.


I created this hashtag in 2017 as a way to feature other Etsysians. I’m often in awe of some the amazing finds out there. So every time you have a sale use #WhatSoldonEtsy on social media to be featured in our feed. Also follow the account @WhatSoldonEtsy on Instagram to see all the fun things sold each week.

If you don’t believe me, have a look at the lovelies below!


If you’d like your shop to be featured for FREE (yes FREE), follow the account and sign up here. If you’re interested in a collaboration or would like to be a contributing curator for the account, do leave a comment below. I hope you can join in every week. Looking forward to your finds!



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