Vintage Table Decor| Alternative Valentine Day Inspiration Video || Vintage Flicker


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. For those that celebrate / indulge – there will be a frenzied activity for finding the perfect gift and countless sticky notes to not forget the dinner reservations and the all important flowers. But how about an alternative ? How about doing something extraordinary ?

It’s all in the details and setting the scene. Flowers may or may not be required. Books are a welcomed addition, but to each there own.

In this video, I hope you get some inspiration, while I faff  set my table at home.


While I haven’t followed all the rules of etiquette… I think Personalisation beats Perfection ! We have so many opportunities to sit with each, be it or close friends or family, other across a table. And so, I hope that you won’t wait until next Valentine Day to try this out for yourself.

PS – This also works great for dinner for one. When my husband travels, a little decadence and indulgence like this, goes a long way.



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