Vintage Flicker – Favourite Finds in Norfolk // Winter 2017 Edition 

One of my dearest friends, Helen , got married on March 3, 2017 at Dodmoor House. It was fantastic day and I’m so glad I got to go. Initially, the entire family was going to attend, but school and work pressures at the time meant that eventually, I was the only one able to attend the wedding !


Dessert was divine

However, this meant that I also had some time, with a bit of clever scheduling, to explore the surrounding area, of my host in Norfolk. I used to live in Norwich many years ago. Being a committed workaholic at the time, I hardly had time to explore the little shops. I decided it was high time, I got to know the surrounding town a bit better.

I first headed off to Cambridgeshire. I’d seen signs for Emmaus many times when heading to visit my friend in North West Norfolk. It’s just off the A10 and very easy to find. I was so glad I finally had time to visit, so off I went on a warm Sunday afternoon. They had lots of vintage items, a lot of it was hard to resist. There was a variety of china and lots of furniture. Prices were reasonable and I picked up a few bits. I took some quick footage, which I may turn into a video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be alerted when new content is added.

Sometimes you just see things, and you are drawn to them. I saw, what I thought was a doily set and had to have it. Bonus it was only £1 ! It was a pretty piece that I found while having an afternoon out in Thetford. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the largest piece contained little compartments. So off to Instagram I went for help. With special thanks to VintageHomeColleen who was able to quickly identify it. Apparently the “compartments” are for keeping rolls warm and the medium one could be used to keep a teapot warm. The nine smaller pieces are coasters, which is the only part I had figured out.

Beautiful Battenburg lace tea set

On the same day I found this Johnson Brothers tureen. According to was made from as early as 1925, up until 1987. I’d say this piece was from the late 60’s early 70’s. It’s in great vintage condition too with no crazing or cracks. I paid £3.50 and a quick search values it for approximately $200 USD. Perhaps it was just adored in the china cabinet. A lucky find, indeed !



Johnson Brothers “Greydawn” oval tureen dish








On my last shopping day, I found what I could only describe as the “mother load” of art deco china. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have already seen this snap below of this Mintons set.


I found a complete set of Minton china, pattern M322. I was able to date it to the late 1920’s based on the backstamp and markings on the base. The set included : – dinner plates, cups, saucers, side plates, tureen, vegetable dish, meat plate/platter, gravy bowl – is in great condition for it’s age. As is to be expected with china this old, there is some mild crazing on a few pieces. I’m simply in love with the geometric pattern and the touches of mustard yellow just add a bit a fun to the pieces.

I also picked up a 10 piece Shelley afternoon tea set, a 32 piece Duston armalite set with green band details, very retro and a a half a dozen trios from various makers including Colclough & Diamond UK. All in all, quite a fun haul. I’ll be busy wrapping over the next few days, before I head back to Boston.

I’m looking forward to getting home to the family and reopening the shop. Thank you to all my customers who have been patient enough to wait until my return to shop with me. Shop reopens, March 9th 2017 with shipping from March 10th!



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