My Top 5 Tips for Collecting Liberty Blue China

Last week I gave you some information on the history of Liberty Blue china. Today I’d like to follow up with some tips for collecting.

Here are my top 5 tips for collecting Liberty Blue China

  1. Use the list in my previous blog post and determine the pieces you’re going to collect. Note measurements / sizes and rarity.
  2. As with all vintage dinnerware, there may be condition issues. Always read the description of the item and zoom in on photos. Most sellers will be honest about blemishes, cracks, stains, crazing but we are all human and they may have missed something. So inspect photos carefully. Condition also determines price. So if you’re comparing pieces and you see a crazy low price, check that the item isn’t flawed or damaged. If you’re not fussy, then you may have scored yourself a bargain. If you are, then you may be sorely disappointed when you receive the item.
  3. Check the seller return policy. If for some reason you’re not happy with the item upon receipt, you may want the option to return it. Keep in mind that shipping is costly and you are likely to be responsible for return shipping costs. I know that rise of Amazon has made customers balk at shipping costs. But bear in mind that small independent businesses may not have the scale for which to offer free return shipping. It’s a bitter pill, I know. See the point above so you don’t have to swallow this.
  4. Check for authenticity and rarity of the piece. Most Liberty Blue pieces are backstamped with an eagle, often included information about the historical scene depicted on the item and included the words “Dishwasher and Detergent safe”. If you’re not sure about authenticity a good online resource is Robbins Nest or If you have access to a local library then I highly recommend getting the book often included “Liberty Blue Dinnerware (Schiffer Book for Collectors)” by Debbie Coe and Randy Coe. And if you’re going to be totally obsessed with this pattern, this book is a must have reference.
  5. Lastly, how much should you pay for a piece ? I think this is really dependent on your budget, conditions you’re willing to live with and your timescale. Prices are on the rise for Liberty Blue. I’d say to be patient and get a feel for the prices before making your purchase from a reputable seller.

Do you have any tips for collecting vintage china ?


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