Sunday Sevens #1 December 31, 2017

I have been enjoying  Sunshine and Celandines Sharon’s, Sunday Sevens posts this past year. If you haven’t heard of it before, Sunday Sevens is a weekly feature where you share those little things that happened, that perhaps do not warrant a full blog post. You might have had an awesome thrift find, had a great day out with friends and family or had the chance to discover some beautiful scenery. Such a great idea. I’ve decided to join in.

So here is my first contribution to Sunday Sevens on the last Sunday of 2017. 


1. I start with a photo of our upstairs lounge. We SOLD our home this week officially. It was a bitter sweet moment. We really did not expect our house to sell so quickly. It was only on the market for three weeks. I mean that must be some kind of record! There were a lot of firsts in this house, including my daughter’s first steps. We all will miss this little place. Life is an adventure and I’m certainly looking forward to finding the next place to make a home. By the way, if you happen to be a selling a period property / Antique Colonial in MetroWest Boston, do get in touch.


2. Demolishing the gingerbread house was a lot of fun. My dad spent Christmas with us this year. It was really wonderful to have him around. My daughter could not wait to put the axe to the house. I will say that it was very well constructed as it took several attempts to finally get it in pieces.



3. As you may already know, I run a little Etsy Shop, Vintage Flicker. It has totally changed my life since my return to the USA. I feel lucky to be able to have a small business that enables me to have a more balanced life. When customers take the time to reach out and leave a review, I really appreciate it. Often times, I don’t think we realise how much a few kind words such as “Thank You” matter. I appreciate it. Meg happens to have quite the little collection of typewriters and the Hermes Media 3 with French keyboard made her little heart flicker! And that’s why I believe you should always  #dowhatyoulove ! If you’re thinking about opening an Etsy Shop, do use my referral code and get yourself some free listings.


4. We put our tree up later than most, in mid/late December. This year that meant I had more time to find little vintage treasures for the tree. I enjoy decorating using a mix of both vintage and modern. Who else loves the illustrations in vintage books? I’ve been collecting Christmas Books for my daughter. The illustrations are always so detailed and well done, like in this example above. This year she read to me and her elf, “Maisie”. A lovely little treat.


5. Speaking of Christmas decorations. These vintage baubles were quite the find this year. Until recently, I wasn’t even aware that you could still find glass ornaments in the thrifting wild! I stumbled across quite a few boxes. Even my husband said he loved them! And that man is very discerning.



6. Of course I made some time to go thrifting. In between the house viewings. I had to do something, right ? Here’s a cool vintage Lufthansa plane from Still River Vintage in Bolton Massachusetts. Perfect little gift for the travel enthusiast / collector. Still River is such a fun little place. The vendors have done a great job curating. You’ll find a little bit of everything you need to make an eclectic home decor.


7. And here’s my final photo. My best nine of 2017 on Instagram. Not surprising this collage encompasses everything I enjoy collecting including Teacups and my beloved Typewriters. I have been welcomed by a warm community of Ironstone collectors. Had confirmed what I always knew – “Saturdays are for antiques” by Jesse Lauzon. And most importantly, learning that “doing what you love” can be fun.

Here’s to the year ahead …. 2018! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

You can find out more about Sunday Sevens from the Blog Threads & Bobbins .

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #1 December 31, 2017”

  1. Thanks for the mention. I love your vintage baubles and it is great that you have joined in. I don’t really do Sunday Sevens every week, just occasionally but its nice to get these little glimpses into peoples lives. Congratulations on selling your house. I hope you find somewhere new soon! X

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