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One of my favourite Instagram tags is #ironstonewednesdays . These folks have well curated and inspired collections and certainly ones to follow.  Jesse, a regular contributor to this #hashtag,  however is the person wholly attributable for this little tale. He has the most awesome Jadeite collection. I mean it looks like he has every piece. A collectors dream.

Once I saw his collection, I thought to myself, Now Di, this is something to collect. But, I set myself a challenge. I was not going to buy any pieces from Etsy or Ebay. I wanted to find it in the wild. Many months went by and I certainly began to think that there was no Jadeite left in Metrowest Boston. They’d all been taken to the antique stores and/or rehomed with their new owners.

Jesse Lauzon Jadeite collection via Instagram

That is until one day… I was perusing Facebook Marketplace. Have you ever tried it ? And there is was as ad from a lady in Norfolk Ma, selling several pieces of jadeite for a bargain price. The ad had been up for a week. So I was immediately suspicious. Was it even vintage jadeite, was it damaged in some way ??? So I asked her and she said that she’d bought it at an antique shop many years ago and was downsizing. I asked her if it was at all marked. She said that she didn’t think so but she’d look and send me photos.

Anchor Hocking Jadeite in Jane Ray pattern via Vintage Flicker
My modest Tea set – Anchor Hocking Jadeite in Jane Ray

Then she sent me these images.

Anchor Hocking 1945 – 1976

These are vintage anchor hocking images. They were indeed authentic vintage. She had 6 cups with matching saucers and four dinner plates all in the Jane Ray pattern. I was so over the moon. According to replacements.com a Jane Ray cup and saucer set is priced between $25 – $35. Dinner plates fetch slightly more between $35 -$55. This pattern, now discontinued was made between 1945 – 1963.

Jadeite maker marks / back stamps
Jadeite maker marks / back stamps via Country Living

No matter how you spell it, this green milk glass is a favourite among collectors. Meant to be a purely utilitarian item for everyday use in the kitchen during the depression, these pieces were also known for their durability. Their burst of colour was also sure to cheer up the homes and lives of that era.The three largest American Jadeite companies were McKee, Fire King /Anchor Hocking and Jeannette Glass. Newer pieces, from the 2000’s , made by Anchor Hocking / Fire King are also available. Martha by Mail also has a line as well as Target. A good compromise if you don’t want to splash out on a vintage set or if like me you’re not having any luck finding any affordable pieces in the wild.

Jadeite Martha by Mail
Jadeite Martha by Mail (Reproduction) via GoodThingsbyDavid

Persistence and patience is key when collecting. I’m so happy to have found these pieces and look forward to finding more pieces in the future. A great start to 2018.

Are you also on the hunt for vintage Jadeite?

Holy grail - A cupboard filled with Jadeite via Country Living
Holy grail – A cupboard filled with Jadeite via Country Living

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