Vintage Flicker: My Top Three Serving Essentials for Spring

Spring… It’s a season full of renewal. The temperatures begin to rise. Daffodils begin to appear. All signs that Winter is almost behind us. And not a moment too soon, I might add. I admit I’m not terribly fond of Winter, but it does make me really appreciate the magic of Spring.

Most might think that Summer is the season of entertaining. But I really do believe we should rethink that. Spring comes like a breath of fresh air. It’s the number one season for Weddings. And… there’s several religious and non religious things to celebrate including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, my husbands birthday (though I think this is just for us… you’re welcome to celebrate with us!!). 

We love to entertain at home and really we find it less expensive that going out to restaurants. Which can be hit or miss at times. I usually save that indulgence for Summers in London with the family. Anyway, I’m rambling on. Like with most things, do look at what you have first. By this I mean your home, your mum’s house, your best friend etc. Often times you’ll find that you can borrow or be gifted things for your collection. As the old adage goes ” One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”.

There are a few pieces that can add a bit of subtle decadence to the table. They are budget friendly and if you shop smart, you can usually find them at antique stores or thrift stores. Though you may have to spend a bit of time searching for the right piece. Here are my top three serving essentials for this Spring !

Cake Server or Pie Server

There’s nothing like serving your favourite pie, homemade or otherwise, (I’m partial to apple and Marks & Spencers does a pretty nice one if you’re pressed for time) with a silverplate pie server.

Godinger silverplate cake server
Vintage Godinger silverplate cake server

Featured above is a cake server made by Godinger. It is in great vintage condition. You can usually find these at thrift stores, except of course when you want them. Always look at the condition of the silverplate checking for plate loss and any variation. This particular piece has a lovely pattern on front and back. However, you can find less ornate examples.

Sugar Tongs

I preface this by saying that I don’t have sugar in my tea. But, I know a lot of my friends still do and so might your guests. You will need sugar cubes to use tongs.

Antique sugar tongs
Antique sugar tongs

This dainty example is actually an antique sugar tong. These are usually a little harder to find. Antique stores are your best best. I’d recommend sterling silver but a silverplate set is equally a lovely addition to your tablescape.

EPNS Norwegian sugar tongs
Rose bud sterling sugar tongs

Alternatively you could use a sugar scuttle. Just make sure it comes with a scoop or small spoon for dispensing the sugar. The Raimond Japan example below has a built in holder for the scoop. I’ve seen many examples without it though. So be vigilant when you purchase.

Raimond JAPAN Silverplate Sugar Scuttle w/Scoop
Raimond JAPAN Silverplate Sugar Scuttle w/Scoop


A tray is great for serving up courses. Especially in a small entertaining space. It also helps with quick clearing of the table. Plus, you get to make a really dramatic entrance and show off your balancing skills. No, not really…. It’s just your friends and family and they are already impressed that dinner is on time!

Butler's Tray
16″ Butler’s Tray

Even tarnished this Butler’s tray is a beauty. It’s footed but there are example without feet. Although this is quite large, I think it is the perfect size when entertaining. I bet you can fit at least 10 cocktails on there !

Look at the handles on this baby !

This Butler’s tray is by International Silver in the pattern “Countess” and is marked 6291. It is a heavy sturdy piece. I also like to use trays to corral clutter. They’re also perfect for stacking books or displaying your favourite collection on the coffee table. Multipurpose tray with endless possibilities.

So those were my top three serving essentials for this Spring! What would you add to the mix ? I hope you’re getting out there and enjoy this fantastic weather.

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