Vintage Flicker Teacup Candles

I got married  to a wonderful guy (more about him later) in the beautiful German countryside. We had a tiny budget and big ideas, mainly from me. There were two things we weren’t going to compromise on:- the ambiance and the food. I was in charge of the former, and boy was it going to be a challenge.

After reading several blogs and finally deciding on a look that “felt right” for us…. I came up with the idea that we should give each of our guests, vintage teacup candles as gifts. I mean why not…. It’s a nice touch that’s universal, not too British not too German.

My other half secretly thought I was having a bridezilla moment but totally supported the idea. And so the idea took form…. We went to car boots, we went to charity shops, we scoured the internet and got 60 cups in total. And it was totally fun and something we enjoyed doing together.

My maid of Honour stepped in and did battle with candle making. Yes there were lots of bottles of wine involved. The guests all commented with delight on the unique favour and because they were all handwritten, it helped them find their seats.

So why are we still doing this…. All I can say is that I really enjoy it. And isn’t that as good a reason as any ?!

Our candles are all handmade, hand poured and made in our kitchen. We only select cups that we like ourselves or those that would genuinely meet customer smiles. The candle is delight to watch burn evenly and the fragrance simply just lasts.

This is a passion…. Try one of our candles for your Vintage Flicker.

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