Long Live the Typewriter: Favourite Royal Typewriters Sold at Vintage Flicker

As a collector, it is easy to have dozens of machines. Especially when you first begin! Luckily for me, having an Etsy shop meant that I could try the ones I found and liked. Keep the ones I loved and sell on the typewriters I found that didn’t really “speak to me”. To be clear, I’m not collecting rare machines. But if I happen to stumble across one, for a good price, I will certainly pick it up. For me, I am collecting the machines I can personally enjoy.

Today’s post is just to share some of my favourite vintage Royal Typewriters sold.I can remember all of these transactions. Many of these machines were once in my personal collection. I had cared for them, enjoyed them and was happy to send them to their new homes where they can be enjoyed.

Enjoy the montage. And if you’re looking for a typewriter, definitely check out my shop. I usually have a few serviced machines for sale year round. Happy typing !



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