Snickerdoodle Soy Wax Candle |VintageFlicker| Available

19.00 USD

These gorgeous Soy wax Candles are available in our custom blended Snickerdoodle fragrance. In vintage mason jar candles come with galvanized lids to complete the rustic look. As always, use caution when burning candles.

▴ 12 oz Snickerdoodle candle
▴ Vintage mason jar with galvanized lid
▴ Candle burns clean and bright for 40+ hours
▴ Candles come packaged in recycled paper.

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What makes Vintage Flicker candles so special? We make our candles in small batches (usually 4 candles at a time) to ensure the highest quality pours. Each vintage mason jar has been hand picked by us. Our ingredients are simple: high quality container wax, fine fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks, hand poured into a vintage mason jar and finished with a old style gift tag. For best results, we recommend burning for 3-4 hours at a time after and initial 20 minute burn.

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