Coeur a la crème |Vintage Flicker |Available

Here’s a bit of trivia for you.

What has 8 holes, is ceramic, made in France and heart shaped ?

A vintage cheese mold of course. Or, if you want to be fancy – Coeur a la crème . This one is made in France by Apilco.

Now, had I waited until my husband was back from his work trip, or had cheese making friends (do I ?), I would not have spent 30 minutes googling what this was. As soon as he saw them, he knew what they were. Not because he’s fancy, but because his mate (translation – friend) Kevin makes cheese and showed him one over Christmas. Now what are the odds ?!!!

I digress. This is listed in the shop and it won’t mind if you’re fancy or not. It’s just looking for a good home. But if you buy it and you make cheese, you have to send me some, alright ?

Click to purchase now on Etsy!

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