5 Pc Glazed Ceramic Angel Candle Holder Set Graduated Height |VintageFlicker| Available

My thrifting obsession with candles means that I often am forced (not really) To look at all the vintage candle holders. Now, this little set presses all of my buttons.

It’s vintage

It’s simple

It fits a tapered candle

Just look at that tapered candle in it. Doesn’t it look good ? In fact I would say that the candle should be honored to be in such an adorable set. Note the color candle… and my recent rant about GREEN. See.. I’m obsessed, no lie.

Now that I’ve talked it up so much, I’m not sure I want to part with it. Hmmm.. For now, this set of 5 graduated height ceramic angels candle holders are in the Shop. (To be continued…)






24.95 USD

5Pc Angel Candle holder set by Marcia Ceramics CA.

Click https://etsy.me/2RDFkkh to purchase now on Etsy!

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