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weekly roundup – I don’t know where to start

This week has felt tumultuous. I made the decision to reflect quietly with my own thoughts. I opted not to engage on social media. And to avoid any temptation, I temporarily removed my profile from my preferred platform – Instagram. While I have met and made friends with some amazing folks there, I knew I just needed focus on my family, and in particular my 12 yo daughter.

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In the middle of the night, my daughter came to me sobbing about the news of George Floyd. Not purely because she was upset, but because SHE desperately wanted to do something, anything, to have her voice be heard. In her words, “ Mummy this doesn’t make sense”, a simple phrase, that will resonate with many. It was at this precise moment, I felt my heart break.

This a conversation I truly never wanted to have with my child. Because, naively perhaps, I wanted this problem to have been solved. For Racism to have been struck from the Oxford Dictionary, because it was such an antiquated and senseless treatment within the human race. That we will have learned, grown and moved on. Instead I have to somehow find words to make sense of the senseless.

The old house community doing their part to raise awareness

Right before I decided to take an Instagram break, I stumbled across a post from CheapOldHouses ( give them a follow if you’re an old house lover). They re-released their Brownstone pin, donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Innocence Project charity. I bought one of these pins as soon as I saw the post. They are now sold out, but I’m told they hope to have more. I’m still contemplating what other actions, I will take personally. I am heartened to see so many of the positive conversations taking place. We all have to find our own way. Until next time, stay safe, stay kind to yourself and to others.

According to CheapOldHouses post, The Innocence Project charity has been doing work for years to curb systemic racism by using DNA evidence. You can also now watch The Innocence Files streaming on Netflix.

Top Shelf Clearance Challenge | Valentine’s Day

This month I’m so excited to be part of the Top Shelf Challenge. With very big thanks to Emily of Le Cultivateur for the invitation. I’ve received a warm welcome from the other participants in this challenge. I was super excited to see what I could do with $15 for Valentine’s Day.

At the bottom of this post, you can check out the other talented bloggers, that have participated in this challenge…so many fun ideas!

This month I was super excited to find some Avon Cape Cod Ruby Red on Facebook Marketplace. The red color, perfect for Valentine’s Day.  With over 50 pieces in the collection, in excellent condition. All of these cherished ruby red pieces, previously belonged to a couple that had been married for over 50 years !

Part of the Avon Cape Cod Ruby Red collection

The Avon Cape Cod set had good karma. I couldn’t wait to pair it with some of my vintage china and flatware. I think this may be the best $15 I’ve ever spent. I had originally planned a pink and gold theme.

Now, with a few changes, incorporating some of my newly found Avon Cape Cod Ruby Red. I think I may be in love !

Restyled with Avon Cape Cod Ruby Red
A great match – vintage ironstone and ruby red

Here I’ve swapped vintage pink ironstone for vintage white ironstone. Dinner plates are by Johnson Brothers. This pattern, one of my favorites, is Heritage White.

Details such of these glass napkin rings add a bit of vintage charm and warmth
These salad plates just shine in the early evening light

I’ve swapped gold cutlery for silver-plate . I’ve chosen “First Love” one of the original 14 patterns by Rogers. I’ve been collecting First Love, since our move to the USA. It’s timeless flatware.

First Love – Timeless classic silverplate flatware by Rogers
A closer look at First Love

Of course, the table wouldn’t be complete without the addition of candles. And these red candleholders in the same Ruby Red pattern, do not disappoint. I have mixed together two styles. I prefer an odd number of candleholders in an intimate dinner table setting.

Dinner by candlelight
I love the textured details on these glass candleholders

And that completes the romantic dinner for two transformation. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

I do hope you’ll go read the other posts in this challenge. 

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Coeur a la crème |Vintage Flicker |Available

Here’s a bit of trivia for you.

What has 8 holes, is ceramic, made in France and heart shaped ?

A vintage cheese mold of course. Or, if you want to be fancy – Coeur a la crème . This one is made in France by Apilco.

Now, had I waited until my husband was back from his work trip, or had cheese making friends (do I ?), I would not have spent 30 minutes googling what this was. As soon as he saw them, he knew what they were. Not because he’s fancy, but because his mate (translation – friend) Kevin makes cheese and showed him one over Christmas. Now what are the odds ?!!!

I digress. This is listed in the shop and it won’t mind if you’re fancy or not. It’s just looking for a good home. But if you buy it and you make cheese, you have to send me some, alright ?

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Playing along with My House This Month – November Day 5|All that Glitters

If you have been falling along, you’ll know that one of my weaknesses is silver-plate. So for today’s prompt I’ll be showing you some of the pieces in my flatware collection.  Continue reading Playing along with My House This Month – November Day 5|All that Glitters

Mismatched Dinner Set, BLUE 3 piece place setting, Dinner, Salad & Dessert Plates | VintageFlicker| Available

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Order one of our best selling mismatched blue and white china sets.

You choose how many place settings you would like to purchase and whether or not your require matching silverware.

Pieces available in {Setting 2} :

Optional cutlery available:

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Note: Vintage Flicker puts up new items every weekday. You can subscribe to our daily email which goes out at around 09h00 EST. Enter your email to SUBSCRIBE on the left hand side of the blog