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Collections: Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbooks

With my daughter’s growing interest in cooking, it was an easy decision to collect vintage cookbooks together. And then, as if by magic, we found our first book – known to many as the Betty Crocker Pie edition for it’s cover art. And down the rabbit hole I went.


Betty Crocker cookbooks are at the top of the list when collecting mid century cookbooks. And why not ? They can be found relatively easy, are moderately priced and can often still be found in good vintage condition. I’ve also found that for the most part, these recipes are easy to follow and don’t require a trip to a specialist shop for ingredients. Continue reading Collections: Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbooks


Long Live the Typewriter: Favourite Royal Typewriters Sold at Vintage Flicker

As a collector, it is easy to have dozens of machines. Especially when you first begin! Luckily for me, having an Etsy shop meant that I could try the ones I found and liked. Keep the ones I loved and sell on the typewriters I found that didn’t really “speak to me”. To be clear, I’m not collecting rare machines. But if I happen to stumble across one, for a good price, I will certainly pick it up. For me, I am collecting the machines I can personally enjoy.

Today’s post is just to share some of my favourite vintage Royal Typewriters sold.I can remember all of these transactions. Many of these machines were once in my personal collection. I had cared for them, enjoyed them and was happy to send them to their new homes where they can be enjoyed.

Enjoy the montage. And if you’re looking for a typewriter, definitely check out my shop. I usually have a few serviced machines for sale year round. Happy typing !



James Kent – Golden Osaka

I often times like to think that things just happen for a reason. Take for instance when I saw this lovely bowl at a charity shop in London. I picked it up, looked at it and thought… hmmm, where am I going to fit this ? I decided to leave it and walk around the other shops for a bit. But, as I started the walk back to my car, my legs took me elsewhere. Back to the shop I went to pick up this lovely piece.

I couldn’t take my eyes off this stunning piece

I was drawn to it, and it had to be mine. I have a soft spot / fondness for blue and white china. You may already know that I’m collecting Liberty Blue china for my daughter. I also have an partially complete collection of Churchill Blue Willow. But these are all stories for another blog post !

A quick google search helped me to identify the maker and pattern as James Kent “Golden Osaka”. There’s a bit of an oriental feel to these golden pieces. The cobalt blue is a striking part of the design. After a little research, I found out that this piece is described as either a “Fruit bowl” or a large rose bowl. If the latter, it would be missing the metal holder as seen in the photo below.

There didn’t seem to be many pieces floating around the internet. James Kent a Stoke on Trent pottery, is best known for Old Foley china. According to, James Kent became a limited company in 1913. Born in 1864 and died in 1953, James was succeeded by his son Philip Francis Kent. As with many potteries of the era it was merged and sold several times before the buildings were demolished in 2006, closing in 2008.

Since there appeared to be little information on Golden Osaka. I thought I would share a little bit of info, in case you stumble across this gorgeous pattern too. Please note that there is also an Osaka pattern, similar, but certainly not the same. All Golden Osaka pieces are marked 6363 Registered in England. I believe these pieces date somewhere between 1920s – 1940s. If you have any further information, please do get in touch.

All Golden Osaka pieces are marked 

Golden Osaka

Sugar Shaker
Tea Caddy



Fruit bowl / Large Rose bowl *missing metal holder


I have also seen the following pieces in the pattern:

  • biscuit barrel
  • two tiered cake stand
  • single cake stand
  • small rose / flower bowl with metal holder
  • demitasse cup and saucer
  • cake plate
  • bread and butter plates


Now do you see what I mean about things happening for a reason ? I randomly picked up one piece and now I had three. It was like they wanted to come back to Boston with me ! BTW, they have all arrived safely, and are now available in the shop.



Vintage Flicker: My Top Three Serving Essentials for Spring

Spring… It’s a season full of renewal. The temperatures begin to rise. Daffodils begin to appear. All signs that Winter is almost behind us. And not a moment too soon, I might add. I admit I’m not terribly fond of Winter, but it does make me really appreciate the magic of Spring.

Most might think that Summer is the season of entertaining. But I really do believe we should rethink that. Spring comes like a breath of fresh air. It’s the number one season for Weddings. And… there’s several religious and non religious things to celebrate including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, my husbands birthday (though I think this is just for us… you’re welcome to celebrate with us!!).  Continue reading Vintage Flicker: My Top Three Serving Essentials for Spring

Vintage Flicker – Three Must Haves for the Spring table

Happy first day of Spring! I’m so excited but I know I must know I must temper that excitement. In the background I can hear the weather report for Boston. Eight inches of snow expected in the next few days! Never mind, I’ll just have a cup of tea in my hygge corner and put the weather news on pause for now.

Spring is a time of renewal and celebration.  It’s the start of the the Wedding season. We also have in there Mother’s Day and Easter celebrations. So today I thought I would share three simple items that would be great for sprucing up your table decor this season.  Continue reading Vintage Flicker – Three Must Haves for the Spring table