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weekly roundup- When opportunity knocks, do you answer ?

Quarantine has certainly presented a number of challenges for my small Vintage business. Least of which is the ability to find new stock. But if I’m completely honest, I don’t actually need any new items. I need to work through the 4 bins of stock that are unlisted! Nevertheless, when opportunity knocks, one must indeed open the door. Correct ?

Many of my friends know about my love of vintage and in particular my love for fine china. So when a friend of mine was asked to declutter a home filled with vintage teacups, according to her, she immediately thought of me. The offer was to help her client declutter he vast collection, via a private sale. I would have free reign of the house, making it a low risk transaction. Of course I would be wearing mask and gloves as I explored those pretty little things.

As predicted from the initial photos, there was more than I could ever imagine. Five hutches in total. Each filled to the brim with beautiful china and glassware. A large assortment of flatware in gold, silverplate and sterling did not disappoint. It was hard to choose, but in the end I left with two large shopping bags and a vintage chinoiserie style table. I know, I know… I didn’t go there for furniture, but it is a gorgeous piece.

Dishwasher filled to the brim with vintage china and flatware

I left the items in quarantine, for two weeks in the garage. I washed all but the very delicate pieces in my dishwasher on a sanitize setting, taking them out before they were heat dried. It was very difficult to decide which pieces to keep and which would eventually feature in the store. I already have quite the collection in my hutch. One day, I’ll take you for a little tour, I promise.

So when opportunity knocks, I definitely answer with a YES ! I’ll be sharing some of my favorites next week.

weekly roundup – I don’t know where to start

This week has felt tumultuous. I made the decision to reflect quietly with my own thoughts. I opted not to engage on social media. And to avoid any temptation, I temporarily removed my profile from my preferred platform – Instagram. While I have met and made friends with some amazing folks there, I knew I just needed focus on my family, and in particular my 12 yo daughter.

Photo by ksh2000 on

In the middle of the night, my daughter came to me sobbing about the news of George Floyd. Not purely because she was upset, but because SHE desperately wanted to do something, anything, to have her voice be heard. In her words, “ Mummy this doesn’t make sense”, a simple phrase, that will resonate with many. It was at this precise moment, I felt my heart break.

This a conversation I truly never wanted to have with my child. Because, naively perhaps, I wanted this problem to have been solved. For Racism to have been struck from the Oxford Dictionary, because it was such an antiquated and senseless treatment within the human race. That we will have learned, grown and moved on. Instead I have to somehow find words to make sense of the senseless.

The old house community doing their part to raise awareness

Right before I decided to take an Instagram break, I stumbled across a post from CheapOldHouses ( give them a follow if you’re an old house lover). They re-released their Brownstone pin, donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Innocence Project charity. I bought one of these pins as soon as I saw the post. They are now sold out, but I’m told they hope to have more. I’m still contemplating what other actions, I will take personally. I am heartened to see so many of the positive conversations taking place. We all have to find our own way. Until next time, stay safe, stay kind to yourself and to others.

According to CheapOldHouses post, The Innocence Project charity has been doing work for years to curb systemic racism by using DNA evidence. You can also now watch The Innocence Files streaming on Netflix.

Weekly Roundup

Keeping track of time seems pretty elusive these last few weeks. Now in week 8 (May 2020) of quarantine here in New England, true signs of Spring are finally on the horizon. I find that despite everything going on in the world, somehow I am channelling the renewing energy of the season. Continue reading Weekly Roundup