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Etsy Shop Feature Series: WayBackWax

The Shop Feature Series  is a blog segment where we get to chat with artistes and find out about their inspiration and story. My special guests today are Justine & Alexis, whose  work I found while browsing Instagram.  These ladies make gorgeous soy candles in interesting vintage wares. 

Here’s what the creators had to say when I caught up with them. Getting to know the artiste, isn’t that what Etsy is about?

How did you get started?

Wayback Wax is two friends from Upstate NY. One vintage lover (Justine) and one crafty mom (Alexis). We started in March 2016 while we were thinking of how to do something fun and creative together, that could also bring in some cash!

We scour estate sales and thrift shops to find unique and fun vintage vessels for our hand poured candles. Every candle is handmade in Stillwater, NY in small batches by us. We use eco-friendly soy wax that is natural and safe so that once you have finished your candle you have a cool piece of vintage to add to your collection.

How would you describe your pieces?

Our handmade OOAK pieces are for those who love natural, soy wax candles and enjoy showing off their vintage collections. They are an eco-friendly product with style, and make a wonderful personalized gift or great addition to a collection.

Is there is favourite piece in your current collection? 

The collection is always evolving as we find new pieces. Currently my favorite is this 70’s stoneware mug that’s filled with a Country Lemonade scent. It appeals to my love of all things hippie and the scent is just cheery and summery!

Vintage 70’s Stoneware Mug Soy Wax Candle Handmade $20 from Wayback Wax

Any alternative ways for reusing your pieces ?  

Once the candles burn down, the soy wax is soooo much softer than other waxes. Just some warm soapy water and the vessel is clean and safe for drinking, eating or any other use.

What can we expect from Way back Wax in the future ?  

We are playing with the idea of offering collections for wedding and/or party favors. Curated collections of the perfect mix & match for the occasion. For example, vintage teacups in coordinating colors & scents for bridesmaids gifts or candles for Pyrex Parties!

Stuck on a desert island, what are your 3 must haves?

Swimsuit, suntan lotion and Spotify!

Just for fun are you are tea or coffee drinker? 

Coffee drinker but my favorite drink is probably a nice cold beer!

A well made Soy candle
Mom You’re The Best ! Super cute!
This Wayback Wax candle in a vintage mug is perfect for Mother's Day!
This Wayback Wax candle in a vintage mug is perfect for Mother’s Day!


My personal favourite in the shop is this mug which is perfect for Mother’s Day. This is sure to be one of a kind- OOAK gift. That’s thing about Etsy… you’re sure to find one off pieces that have the ability to translate the right mood, tone and sentiment.  This is a great example!

I love the creativity in this shop and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your candles ladies! Check out Justine and Alexis on Etsy and be sure to follow them on social media for special offers.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/waybackwax/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waybackwax/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waybackwax/



Vintage Flicker Home Decor Finds – January 2017 Edition

This week has been busy. I’ve been enjoying the warmer Massachusetts days and getting out and about. I’ve found really great treasures, some of which of course are vintage typewriters, that I will get listed on Etsy shortly.

In the meantime, I’ve had such a good response to my Vintage Flicker videos that I’ve decided to make another. Again, it was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy it too ! Leave a comment below with anything you’d like to see next. You can check out my first video on Finding your Vintage Flicker here. And don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel to get all the updates on my shenanigans !

(Oh and ignore the typos////arghhh)

Have a fantastic weekend !


Vintage Patterns – Find your Vintage ‘Sewing’ Flicker

Sewing your own clothes can be both relaxing and rewarding. For me it reminds of the times sitting next to my grandmother while she used the treadle Singer Sewing Machine. I watched in awe… So I’ve been slowly rekindling my love of Sewing using Vintage Patterns. My latest obsession goes hand in hand with vintage sewing machines!

               Vintage Burda Trouser patterns from VintageFlicker (12.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1OnFrmG

I just adore the vintage illustrations on the models. The hair styles are usually a dead giveaway for the pattern era… Big and bodacious – definitely the 1980’s. And check out those poses. Eat your heart out Kate Moss.

How to Buy Vintage Patterns

  • Purchase patterns that are uncut (unless you really love it)
  • Be sure to check the measurements as well as the manufacturer size
  • Check the pattern envelope to ensure all the pieces are enclosed
  • Check for any environmental damage to the pattern , some may contain mold
  • Retro/Reissued pattern or Vintage pattern, check the envelope details
  • Start with an Era or decade that you like
  • Have fun !!

Life in the 1980’s – Vintage Vogue Pattern by VintageFlicker (12.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1VwIzSQ
Do check out the curated items in the Vintage Flicker Etsy Shop.
I think Vintage Sewing Patterns are a great way to make a style statement in your wardrobe. You can choose the fabrics and the colours that suit you… Endless possibilities.
Do you sew using vintage patterns ?

Pretty in Pink Gingham style dress pattern by Vogue Patterns – Shop VintageFlicker (12.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1WAQU8q

Why I Write Thank You Notes to My ETSY Customers

To attest to my true Vintage nerdiness, I have read both Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt’s book on Etiquette. The latter states …

I prefer even the briefest little thank-you note to a laconic “Thank you for “… scribbled on a visiting card… A little more human, something that indicates a little more thoughtfulness, is a note, handwritten if your handwriting is legible, typed if it is not, but in any case graceful and friendly:

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Vintage Flicker on Etsy – Retro Office Anyone ?…

As you may already know, I do have a love for Analogue and Retro items from my childhood. That and my love for stationery, paper crafts, journalling meant that it was only a matter of time before I started curating Vintage Office Accessories for Vintage Flicker !

If you’ve been following me on Instagram , you’ll see that my feed has had quite a few typewriters of late. To date I have “collected” eight of them. I have had three of them professionally repaired by the lovely Tom at Cambridge Typewriters in Arlington, MA. I highly recommend this shop if you’re nearby! Two of them I have only had to clean, so have repaired these myself.

Vintage Flicker on Etsy – Omega ll Typewriter recently SOLD

It’s such a joy to watch something old and tired, brought back to life.  The real catalyst has been the lovely Facebook community of Antique Typewriter Collectors, who have been nothing but patient and welcoming. If you’re new to collecting or interested in Typewriters, you need this group in your life ! Though, you are forewarned, there’s a lot of eye candy and my “want list” has steadily grown and I may have to put it on a diet.

Of course, there are more than just Typewriters available for your if you’re looking to kit out your desk in a Retro / Vintage Style. There are a few very MOD looking staplers and pencil sharpeners that look like they’re straight out of a Mad Men desk . Very ’60s / 70s. And who remembers that classic Rolodex ?

Vintage Flicker on Etsy - Vintage Office Accessories
Vintage Flicker on Etsy – Vintage Office Accessories

So am I the only one who loves collecting Typewriters ?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you collect ?

Pattern Mania, Shopping Etiquette & 3 Cheers to Independent Thrift Shops

I was out shopping yesterday in my neighbourhood and met some really fantastic folks! I live just outside Boston, in MetroWest Boston, popular with commuters who want to be both close to the city and have enjoy some greenery.

Yesterday I decided to venture out to the small towns in Worcester county. I took a trip down 495 to visit some Thrift Shops. I absolutely love treasure hunting, as you just never know what you’re going to find. So with my comfy pair of jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, flatties on foot and my trusty Miller’s Guide in hand, I set off!

First stop, Hopedale, MA. I didn’t know much about this little “village” next to Milford. It looked like an old industrial village, similar to those semi rural towns in the North of England. There was a huge, and I mean HUGE warehouse up for sale. It looked like it could be an old Mill of some sort. Turns out that this now disused Mill used to be the hub of the town. Here’s an extract from the Town Website.

Hopedale’s reputation as a town is mainly found in the Draper Corporation, producer of looms. The business started when Ebenezer Draper joined the community and built the first Draper Shop. The Draper era represents a unique study of the growth and development of a New England mill town. In its prime, over 3,000 people were employed there. In the late sixties, control of the Draper Corporation was passed to Rockwell International. Production ceased in the mid-seventies, thus closing the doors, not only to a building, but also to a period of history. Today, the abandoned and possibly polluted factory site dominates the center of town in its decay.

The Drapers believed that good houses make good workers and created a model self-contained company town with one of the best collections of architecturally significant double houses in the country, built on hills and in valleys in garden settings which preserved the views. And driving through Hopedale today, it certainly shows. It’s packed full of beautiful homes.

I visited the Curiosity Shop of Hopedale and this is where I met the lovely Joan, a senior volunteer. She was very welcoming and engaging. This was Not at all like your typical shopping experience. We chatted about the weather, about upcoming changes to the shop and about the lovely things on offer. While there, three other wonderful ladies came to shop and Joan managed to engage with all of us AND price new items. (Note to self – I hope I can be this amazing in my senior years!). I left a very satisfied customer, with Joan’s details in case there was something else I remember I needed, and a bag full of goodies. I went a bit mad on the patterns!

Next, it was off to the local church thrift shop – Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, still in Hopedale. There I found a small friendly group of volunteers having tea and organising the merchandise. As it was my first time there, one of the kind assistants, talked me through the layout and current offers. I don’t know why, but I again impressed. It was just enough interaction to make me want to buy something, but not so much that I felt like they were being pushy. I left with two great items. A Vintage London Fog coat and a Green Chianti bottle. Both in really excellent condition. They have a bag sale on the first Thursday of each month too. Definitely worth a visit.

The third and final stop was at the The Blessing Barn in Milford, MA. This is a local non profit store. I later found out that they have bag sales on Wednesdays and Saturdays- so definitely visit on those days. This is a larger warehouse style store and is well organised with room to get around with a shopping trolley. I do recommend you take one, as you never know what you’re going to find. You certainly don’t want to loose out on an item because you don’t have space.

Ok, I have to share this one little story…

I was once shopping in a Savers and saw a vintage sewing machine that I wanted, but I didn’t have room in my current shopping cart. I checked first that the person next to me wasn’t planning on buying it. As I was doing so, this lady looked over and smiled at me. I said out loud, ok I’m going to make some space in my trolley and get it. I literally walked to the next aisle to destash my breakables…. and you won’t believe what happened next. The same “smiley” lady, went to the sewing machine, investigaed it, picked it up and put it in her trolley. Yep, you snooze, you loose! Lesson learned, but I was a bit bitter about that poor shopping etiquette for a few days!

Back to Blessing Barn… This store has lots of items from housewares to clothes. There I found another vintage sewing machine (see it Karma is a good thing) for even less than the one I mourned for and a very cool vintage Fisher Price ViewFinder Globe!

Then I looked at the time– It was time to get home for the school run. I was having so much fun that I ran out of time. I totally enjoyed the day exploring a bit of Worcester county.

So what’s next for these finds? Well some are for my personal collection and rest will be for the Vintage Flicker store. I haven’t fully decided what fits in each category yet, but I’ll keep you posted. It’s a lot of fun meeting new people and finding vintage treasures. ESTY is such a great easy to navigate platform for sharing your eclectic Vintage and Handmade items. Try it out for FREE… Click Here to use my referral code and get 40 free listings!

Do you enjoy treasure hunting too? Any great finds? Let me know in the comments.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage Set made by The French Company

Happy Friday!
I wanted to share my exciting find of the week and possibly to date in the two years that Vintage Flicker has been on Etsy. This Vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage Set made under license in the US by THE FRENCH COMPANY.
Vintage Louis Vuitton by The French Company available from VintageFlicker on Etsy
Vintage Louis Vuitton by The French Company available from VintageFlicker on Etsy
When I found these vintage luggage pieces, I was immediately drawn to them. Although I mostly source and curate Vintage Kitchenalia, in particular Mid Century Modern pieces, I could not take my eyes off them! I had no idea about their value or provenance. So it just goes to show, that sometimes, you have to just go with your gut instincts!
I initially did a pretty shabby bit of research before listing them on Etsy. I couldn’t find much information or hardly anything similar, except for a train case which sold many moons ago on GlitteryUnicorns on Etsy.  Check out this Etsy shop for some awesome stuff! There was some reference to The French Company, but with limited high resolution images available, it was difficult to ascertain whether these pieces were cousins or the same. So,  I took some photos and listed the suitcase and garment bag.
Tapestry Train Case by GlitteryUnicorns on Etsy
Tapestry Train Case by GlitteryUnicorns on Etsy
Then, this morning over my morning cup of tea, I pondered some more and remembered that the garment bag had some zipper pulls. I recalled reading that these could often be used to identify vintage luggage. And there is was staring me in the face – the zipper tag said “C&C”. Finally a name to work on. To my astonishment , when I researched the zipper, I kept getting links to Louis Vuitton. At first I couldn’t understand why.
It turns out that Louis Vuitton was so busy, that it gave a license to THE FRENCH COMPANY to manufacture luggage in the USA under license, in the late 1970’s to 1990’s.  These pieces were often marked as such, on Tyvex, but sadly just as easy to remove and unlikely to still be found on vintage luggage in the 21st century. Of note in my research, was the description of the zippers used on these pieces and the quality of the linen. I could tell that these items were very well constructed. The interior was a very nice thick linen and the hardware and leather finishing all were signs that these were luxury items in their hay day.
Tyvek Tag
The French Company – Special License Tyvek Tag
Finally, the last piece of the puzzle was the zipper. Several sources confirmed that THE FRENCH COMPANY used zippers marked C&C on the luggage they made in the US. I read this paragraph at least 20 times*** I could not believe it at first. I have several pieces in this set and will be keeping a few for myself.
My first trip is in the Spring to England, but perhaps a little day trip on the EuroStar to Paris in order for the Summer. Maybe even for Bastille Day. I’m sure this vintage luggage set is going to last for many years to come and I am pleased to have found it’s next new owners!

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This is the newest item added to my shop VintageFlicker (300.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1Lw34cN
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To Valentine or NOT Valentine…

There’s always such a frenzy around Valentine’s Day to get the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. Isn’t there ? Today, I was looking back at the cards I’d saved from Mr Vintage Flicker over the decade that we’ve known each other. The cards he gave me are truly special… They always include a hand written thought or idea which came from his heart.

Last year he got me a really lovely handmade necklace from a neighbour who runs the lovely Etsy Shop – Hapitat. (This is a great little shop, do pop by and check her out) I had remarked several months back that I had really loved the necklace she was wearing at event, and then like magic it appeared on Valentine’s Day. Last year, we stayed in and had a posh steak and chips dinner. The steak, which I got from Waitrose supermarkets in the UK, was absolutely divine! This year my daughter and I have made our own cards using a few ideas on Pinterest and books from the Library. A good excuse to use up my craft and stationery supplies!

On another note, the shop has been getting quite busy over the last few weeks. I’m already thinking about vintage items for Spring, though I’m literally just coming out of two back to back snow storms here in New England. Apparently there is a third on the way too! Weather like this is certainly made for internet shopping.

So if you’re still looking for something, have a look in the shop. If you Grab the coupon code below you will get Free Domestic Shipping (USA only – sorry). And… if you sign up for the Vintage Flicker newsletter, you can also receive a 15% instant discount code. Follow the link here to subscribe.


So, I’m still undecided on what we’re going to do on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the weather will determine where we end up! What are your plans ? Are you staying in or going out? Let me know in the comments…