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Royal Albert Canterbury with a bit of Foley Wileman China

This week I stumbled across this lovely trio by Royal Albert. At $2.99, I didn’t think. I just gently hurled it into my cart.   With links to the British Royal family in the early 1900s, and  it’s distinctive cup shapes, country floral motifs and rich colours, to own a piece of Royal Albert is to have a piece of history in your hands. And I had to have it in my hands.

Thrift Store find $2.99

Royal Albert is probably best known for its Old Country Rose pattern by Harold Holdcroft ,  one of the most famous of all its designers. I have a cup and saucer from this pattern for display rather than every day use.

Old Country Roses advert
Royal Albert Old Country Roses RoyalAlbertpatterns.com

What I didn’t realise until I got home, is that this was a mismatched set ! Imagine my surprise when I looked on the cup and saucer. Its backstamp read Foley China EBCo Made in England. I had been duped. The set had been taped together and I had no reason to believe that they weren’t all Royal Albert as the patterns on cup, saucer and side plate did really seem to match.

Foley China began as far back as the 1872 by the Wileman family at Foley pottery in Fenton Staffordshire England. They family also later on started the Shelley factory to produce fine bone china. It appears there is a complicated history with several ownerships throughout the years including Coalport and Royal Doulton group.

Foley China Works (c) Staffordshire Past Track

So this trio has an interesting provenance. The plate dates from 1935 -1940 based on its backstamp. The cup and saucer from a similar period.

Royal Albert Canterbury backstamp 1935 -1940
1935  Royal Albert backstamp
Foley China EBCo 1930's teacup backstamp
Foley China EBCo 1930’s backstamp

But, alas, do not despair. I really think that Royal Albert Canterbury and Foley work well together.  With it’s lovely avon cup shape and D shaped handle details, this pairing has a more unisex design.  While it does have floral sprays , I think it’s one that can be appreciated by someone who perhaps isn’t so inclined to love florals.

Today is the first day of Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a wonderful time of year. The children are back at school and hopefully settling into their new year. The evenings begin to get more cosy, as the temperatures start to cool. My tea consumption increases dramatically.

Mismatched Trio – Royal Albert Canterbury Foley cup and saucer

So perfect time for this Royal Albert Canterbury plate and EB Foley china teacup and saucer, to join my collection. I grateful to its previous owners for putting such a fantastic pair together.



#TeacupTuesday Favourite 1 May, 2017

EMERALD GREEN… that’s what stopped me in my tracks when I was perusing my feed for my #TeacupTuesday favourite this week. This Wileman trio is gorgeous ! There are just too many details. From the stunning fluted detail on each piece to the ornate design, and what appears to be a lady driving tea on the teacup. It’s dainty, it’s cute and the perfect for month of May.

So, my favourite this week is from Yuka over at 📷: @desirable_antiques. By now you may be wondering, where can I find Wileman china. Well… You can find more Wileman beauties on Etsy here.  (You’re welcome).

Happy teacup Tuesday ! I love the bright and vibrant green colour like emerald 💚the birthstone of May Adorable treasure 🇬🇧✨ * わがショップに新しくお迎えしたワイルマンのグリーンカメオです。 わたしにとってもカメオはスペシャルなお品です。 #イギリス #アンティーク #アンティーク食器 #ティーカップ #エメラルドグリーン #ワイルマン #ティータイム #モーニングティー #アフタヌーンティー #5月 #誕生石 #ヴィクトリアン #陶磁器 #テーブルウエア #イギリスアンティーク #骨董 #紅茶 #アンティークのある暮らし #紅茶のある暮らし #teacuptuesday #wileman #emeraldgreen #teacuplover #tea #teatime #teacup #antique #tealover #green

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