A Vintage Flicker of Autumn

Autumn is a great time of year, especially here in New England.  While there appears to be something of an Indian Summer at the moment, one can see slow evidence of the subtle change from one season to another. So if you can, stop and take a moment to notice your surroundings. It will literally be changing each day.

The look of Autumn

In other news I am still SLOWLY unpacking my vintage haul from my most recent trip to England this Summer. It’s lovely to rediscover all the little treasures I found. There were china, glassware, trinkets, linens…. there’s a long list or three large moving boxes full.

Here are a few of my favourites so far. Perfect for the upcoming cooler holiday entertaining and fireplace season ahead.

Vintage pilsner glass available at Vintage Flicker
Vintage MCM pilsner glass http://www.vintageflicker.com
Vintage MCM cut glass Decanters (Japan)  www.vintageflicker.com
Vintage small foldout shell style snack server http://www.vintageflicker.com
Olde Countryside plates by Johnson Brothers  www.vintageflicker.com

We are still on the hunt for a new home. But while we do, I’ve decided to treasure our current one. Decluttering continues but now more so with an emphasis on surrounding our home with things that bring us joy. If you follow Vintage Flicker on Instagram (and if you haven’t why not ? ), you’ll have seen photos of the quiet corner in our upstairs lounge, where I generally have my first cup of tea before the rest of the house is awake. I call this my Hygge corner. It’s serene and peaceful.  For the Autumn I’m planning on making a few changes in that room, and possibly moving my little Hygge spot. I’ll be sure to try and capture photos of the transformation in a future blog post.

What are you most looking forward to this Autumn ?



#TeacupTuesday Favourite 1 May, 2017

EMERALD GREEN… that’s what stopped me in my tracks when I was perusing my feed for my #TeacupTuesday favourite this week. This Wileman trio is gorgeous ! There are just too many details. From the stunning fluted detail on each piece to the ornate design, and what appears to be a lady driving tea on the teacup. It’s dainty, it’s cute and the perfect for month of May.

So, my favourite this week is from Yuka over at 📷: @desirable_antiques. By now you may be wondering, where can I find Wileman china. Well… You can find more Wileman beauties on Etsy here.  (You’re welcome).

Happy teacup Tuesday ! I love the bright and vibrant green colour like emerald 💚the birthstone of May Adorable treasure 🇬🇧✨ * わがショップに新しくお迎えしたワイルマンのグリーンカメオです。 わたしにとってもカメオはスペシャルなお品です。 #イギリス #アンティーク #アンティーク食器 #ティーカップ #エメラルドグリーン #ワイルマン #ティータイム #モーニングティー #アフタヌーンティー #5月 #誕生石 #ヴィクトリアン #陶磁器 #テーブルウエア #イギリスアンティーク #骨董 #紅茶 #アンティークのある暮らし #紅茶のある暮らし #teacuptuesday #wileman #emeraldgreen #teacuplover #tea #teatime #teacup #antique #tealover #green

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#TeacupTuesday Favourite 25 April, 2017

Each week I’m filled with excitement to see what beautiful teacups will turn up on #teacuptuesday feed. New folks are always joining in and I love to find other enthusiasts to follow. As a rule, I always try to have my first morning cup of tea, in a vintage teacup.

My favourite this week is from Yvette over at 📷: @shelovesblooms . Such a gorgeous display around a pretty teacup! The premium rose and black tea sounds delicious too and I shall be giving that a try!

Do you have any tea recommendations that I should try ?

Vintage Flicker – Afternoon Tea Inspiration on Youtube

I hope you’re off to a great start to 2017. I’ve been busy listing all the china I’ve been hoarding  buying over the last few months. I was amazed at how much I had amassed! I had over 300 pieces, once the inventory was complete. Some, like the Royal Doulton Arcadia, where I have almost a complete set, I plan to keep and perhaps pass on to my daughter. I do hope she inherits my love of china.

Taylor Smith Classic Red Transferware Trio

Her birthday is coming up soon and I can’t believe how fast time goes! I feels like she was only a toddler the other day. One of the things I like to do is have an “Afternoon Tea” with her once a month. She likes to feel like a grown up girl and we get to have some “girl time”. I should say that she’s 8 and held her first champagne glass at 18 months…. It was filled with fruit juice and was a total accident.

So today, as I was preparing the table, I decided to film a bit of the setup for our tea. I’ve been thinking of making videos for some time and now that I had been given a tripod and some accessories by my husband, I really no longer had a good excuse.

So, here’s my first little YouTube video. Will there be more ? Yes, I think so. What will they be about ? Well, things I enjoy. You can expect to see vintage items – including china, stationery, office items and of course manual typewriters. I may even do a tutorial or two as I do love baking. Any excuse to get my vintage MixMaster out! Most importantly, I’ll keep making videos as long as it’s fun!

Aztec 600, Same family as the Rheinmetall below. Christmas Green
Rehinmetall vintage manual typewriter in this Christmas Red 

I’d love it if you go have a look. Tell me what you think in the comments below ?

Have you started a Youtube channel ?



#TeacupTuesday Favourite March 22, 2016

by ibon_antiques http://ift.tt/1ReLiRi
This week’s favourite is all about Spring!  Are you ready?
at 09:57PM You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers. Or rather….March snow makes us wish for May flowers. Flowers like the beautiful floral pattern on these Colclough Bone China pieces. Elegant and stylish, these pieces will look amazing in any setting. #edmonton #yeg #antiquestore #whyteave #antiques #whyteavenue #yeglocal #localstore #colcloughchina #colclough #bonechina #china #teacuptuesday #tea_cup_tuesday #yeglife #edmlife #collectables #finechina