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Vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage Set made by The French Company

Happy Friday!
I wanted to share my exciting find of the week and possibly to date in the two years that Vintage Flicker has been on Etsy. This Vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage Set made under license in the US by THE FRENCH COMPANY.
Vintage Louis Vuitton by The French Company available from VintageFlicker on Etsy
Vintage Louis Vuitton by The French Company available from VintageFlicker on Etsy
When I found these vintage luggage pieces, I was immediately drawn to them. Although I mostly source and curate Vintage Kitchenalia, in particular Mid Century Modern pieces, I could not take my eyes off them! I had no idea about their value or provenance. So it just goes to show, that sometimes, you have to just go with your gut instincts!
I initially did a pretty shabby bit of research before listing them on Etsy. I couldn’t find much information or hardly anything similar, except for a train case which sold many moons ago on GlitteryUnicorns on Etsy.  Check out this Etsy shop for some awesome stuff! There was some reference to The French Company, but with limited high resolution images available, it was difficult to ascertain whether these pieces were cousins or the same. So,  I took some photos and listed the suitcase and garment bag.
Tapestry Train Case by GlitteryUnicorns on Etsy
Tapestry Train Case by GlitteryUnicorns on Etsy
Then, this morning over my morning cup of tea, I pondered some more and remembered that the garment bag had some zipper pulls. I recalled reading that these could often be used to identify vintage luggage. And there is was staring me in the face – the zipper tag said “C&C”. Finally a name to work on. To my astonishment , when I researched the zipper, I kept getting links to Louis Vuitton. At first I couldn’t understand why.
It turns out that Louis Vuitton was so busy, that it gave a license to THE FRENCH COMPANY to manufacture luggage in the USA under license, in the late 1970’s to 1990’s.  These pieces were often marked as such, on Tyvex, but sadly just as easy to remove and unlikely to still be found on vintage luggage in the 21st century. Of note in my research, was the description of the zippers used on these pieces and the quality of the linen. I could tell that these items were very well constructed. The interior was a very nice thick linen and the hardware and leather finishing all were signs that these were luxury items in their hay day.
Tyvek Tag
The French Company – Special License Tyvek Tag
Finally, the last piece of the puzzle was the zipper. Several sources confirmed that THE FRENCH COMPANY used zippers marked C&C on the luggage they made in the US. I read this paragraph at least 20 times*** I could not believe it at first. I have several pieces in this set and will be keeping a few for myself.
My first trip is in the Spring to England, but perhaps a little day trip on the EuroStar to Paris in order for the Summer. Maybe even for Bastille Day. I’m sure this vintage luggage set is going to last for many years to come and I am pleased to have found it’s next new owners!

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